Motion Comics Galore!

Look, up on iTunes! It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s…. new ways to blow our money on superheroes! Yay!

*ahem* So as you may have heard, new DC motion comics have been released on iTunes, as was announced at the San Diego ComicCon. Let’s have a look-see.

What’s a motion comic?

A motion comic will use the original page and “animate” it, allowing characters and objects to move, while voice actors provide dialogue. A motion comic isn’t an animated film; it is instead a comic in motion, the same way you may imagine the characters moving and talking in your mind as you’re reading.

Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Son

Red Son is a DC graphic novel written by Mark Millar, depicting an alternate reality in which Superman grows up in and serves the Soviet Union, instead of America. I’m usually not into Supes, but this remains my favorite graphic novel of him.

After watching the first part of the motion comic, I’m glad to say that it is worthy of the title Red Son, even though it took me at least one watch to get used to Superman, Lois and Lex– oh DC animated universe, what have you done to me? However, Superman’s light Russian accent is unnerving from the start–and it is this, I think, what will allow Red Son to be a very successful motion comic; it adds a sense of wrongness you don’t get in printed words.

And the best part is, the first episode is FREE!

Batgirl: Year OneBatgirl: Year One

I. Love. Babs. And this is my all-time favorite comic, so I’m thrilled that it is now a motion comic. Written by Scott Beatty, Year One re-envisions the beginnings of Barbara Gordon and her transformation into Batgirl with a more modern appeal. Babs is upset that her father, Commissioner Gordon, won’t let her be a cop; so, during the Gotham Masquerade Ball, she dresses up in a handmade Bat costume in the hopes of surprising him. But when Killer Moth decides to crash the party, Babs finds herself traveling down a road filled with danger, flame and pixie boots (I couldn’t help it).

I haven’t bought the motion comic yet, but after seeing the previews, it looks fantastic. The motion comic perfectly captures the feel of the book, both through the action and excellent acting. Babs’ voice is spot-on; a perfect mix of spunk and self-determination. You can buy individual episodes for a dollar each on iTunes, or the whole comic for $7.99.

Okay, I like what I see. But if I own the book, is the motion comic worth it?

That’s a really tough question, and it all comes down to your own personal preference. How much do you pick up the book and read it? Would you enjoy it more if it were on your computer, iPhone or other mobile device? Before making your decision, I highly suggest looking at the thirty second previews, and making sure you like the voices. And if you just can’t make up your mind, the beauty of iTunes is this: you can start with one episode and go from there.

Also available on iTunes is Batman: Black and White, Volume Two as a motion comic. I know this is an excellent book, but I was upset that it doesn’t include “A Black and White World” by Neil Gaiman.

Update: More motion comics!

See the entries for these recent motion comics:

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