Marvel + Camp = …?

The Super Hero Squad Show Wows 'Em

Honestly, the above image says it all. The Super Hero Squad Show music video was apparently a hit at SanDiego Comic-Con, and you can now view it on

After watching the music video several times, I can only relate my mixed feelings.  The animation is simplistic yet solid, including many of the Avengers in an almost chibi style, and I was VERY surprised that Spider-Man and The Thing were missing from the lineup. What gives? Okay fine, so Spidey’s all messed up with this Brand New Day arc, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be any clobberin’ time.

Also, it seems the Super Hero Squad Show is following in the wake of DC’s kiddy but popular Batman: The Brave and the Bold; but since when has Marvel done campy? I always appreciated their universe for its roots in politics and deeply flawed superheroes, something that has translated very well into many of their movies. Batman has always had his (sometimes disturbing) silly side, but you imagine the X-Men as silly? (And how does Wolverine have his teeth closed but his tongue still out? Do we really want to know?)

But sequels seeming few and far inbetween, Marvel is now trying to reach a younger audience, at a more regular pace. They have already taken a tentative step forward with teenage Tony Stark in Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, as well as their new Wolverine and the X-Men.  Can SHSS integrate the camp while charming crowds of all ages?

The show will kick off on Cartoon Network on September 19th – watch out for Mark Hamill (the real Joker) as Red Skull.

The Super Hero Squad Show is boldly going where no Super Soldier, Norse god  and…whatever the Hulk is… has gone before! Do you think Marvel can pull off the camp? Post a comment and share your opinion!


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