Wolvie and the X-Men 2 & 3: Hindsight

After I wrote my first entry about the new X-Men series, I thought that would be the end of reviewing the show. But while I continue to watch the episodes on Marvel.com, I’ve realized this viewing experience is different than watching Evolution in junior high: for the first time I can watch an X-Men show having seen the previous adaptations, and read most major comic story arcs. I’m picking up more of the pieces… and more changes are bothering me. Figures. So I’ll continue writing reviews and tracking my thoughts.

Episode 2: Hindsight, part 2

Wolverine and Beast re-recruit Iceman, Kitty, and Angel. But Rogue allies herself with the Brotherhood; together, they set up the X-Men to make it look like they attacked Senator Kelly–to make things even better, it’s caught on camera. We are also introduced to an early version of the Sentinels, which looks like a giant mechanical scorpion.

First of all, Iceman looks like Martin Short from Santa Clause 3.


That was the most random association ever.

Moving on.

Senator Kelly, the Sentinel arc, and Genosha are such big elements in the X-verse, so I’m glad Wolverine introduces them early on. I now realize just how much Evolution took out, and completely focused on the “high school” aspect. Even though Evolution has nostalgia that Wolverine can never replace, I definitely like Wolverine’s approach better, and it’s truer to the original comics.

We’re introduced to the Brotherhood in this episode as well. Avalanche looks twenty years older, Toad got more gruesome, and we have a new female lead, Domino. She’s a great new addition for a lesser known character, but in the comics she’s always an X-Man. Rogue’s swaying loyalty is no surprise, and closely parallels Evolution. Couldn’t mix it up, huh?

I am also enjoying Wolvie’s emerging role as leader. It’s an interesting contrast: anti-hero Wolverine in the leadership position, while Cyclops, usually the bland captain of the team, is now the melancholy teammate in the dark leather jacket. Beast makes a great second-in-command, as his scholarly and pacifist nature nicely balances Wolverine’s more animalistic tendencies.

Episode 3: Hindsight, Part 3

This is a big episode, setting up the premise for the first season, if not the show entirely. Emma Frost joins the X-Men, and locates Xavier on the mutant island Genosha, along with a reluctant Cyclops. But Magneto was not behind the attack; the unconscious Xavier washed upon Genosha’s shore. Xavier communicates with the X-Men telepathically from a desolate future controlled by Sentinels, a future that can only be altered if Wolverine leads the team and defeats this new threat.

Frost and Magneto have stellar voices; apparently, the two villains are immediately established as reformed. While this status could change at any moment, the loss of their history gives the story less depth, and gives the false impression that Kitty, Iceman and the others have never been X-Men before. We also meet inventive genius Forge, who fits well as the comic relief of the team.


Above, my favorite moment: the Astonishing X-Pose. Even though Iceman is in the lineup instead of Emma, it makes me smile.

I like the spin of Xavier living in a future of Sentinels, and communicating with the X-Men in the past. But, um, excuse me Chuck, doesn’t a similar storyline occur after the Phoenix Saga, when Kitty’s future and thirteen-year-old souls switch? Hm. Speaking of Kitty, I hope she doesn’t remain The Annoying Preteen cliché. The whole Valley Girl thing in Evolution got old real quick.

Also, Jean’s location is still unknown, and it seems that Frost will be manipulating Cyclops to make sure she stays on the team. I wonder if an affair will crop up between the two? Probably not, since this is a kid’s show, but it’s alluding to that time in the series.

If you’re an X-Men fan, I highly suggest watching all three episodes before delivering your final verdict; the animation is solid and many of the elements are there. What do you think of the show so far? I would love to hear your opinions!

Wolverine and the X-Men is owned by Marvel; Santa Clause 3 is owned by Disney. I made these screencaps myself, so please ask before you take them!

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