Iron Man 2 Thoughts

FIRST LOOK: Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man 2

Iron Man! Iron Man! Does whatever an…iron can…


As you may know, Iron Man 2 has finished filming and is heading into the dark caverns of post-production. The anticipated sequel will hit theatres May 2010, aka not soon enough.

We can be expecting a cameo from Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who will start assembling the Avengers team. It’s rumored that Hulk (Edward Norton) will share the screen at some point too-and with Stark’s cameo at the end of Incredible Hulk, this is pretty much a given.

And I can only hope these actors realize what they’re getting into. Sure, they’ve made multiple picture deals with Marvel, but shrek happens, and as a fan, continuity is key. I can’t have Downey Jr, Jackson and the rest of the cast flaking out in two years, and then noobs are cast in the Avengers movie or upcoming sequels, whichever happens first (a certain friendly neighborhood web-slinger should be ringing some bells).

And you know what else? I’d like to see some Wolverine–if not any other X-Man– in at least one of the new Marvel flicks before the Avengers movie. Him and Michael Chiklis, whose spot-on portrayal of The Thing was the best part of the Fantastic Four movies. That’s the beauty of the Marvel universe: you’ve got a bunch of heroes who are so diverse and they can all occupy the same space. You’ve started doing things right with Nick Fury and Iron Man; now keep the guest-starring and cameos coming like there’s no tomorrow! You can’t go wrong, especially with the lousy competition DC is putting up – in terms of live action films at least, they’re still kicking your butt in the animated film arena. But that’s another story for another time.


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