Spider-Woman Motion Comic

Marvel Hotline: Brevoort on Spider-Woman

Today Marvel debuts its first motion comic, Spider-Woman, inevitably following in the footsteps of DC’s motion comic release last month. Here’s the official Spider-Woman trailer from Marvel’s motion comics site.

The adventure picks up after the Secret Invasion story arc; Jessica Drew is back, and she apparently joins S.W.O.R.D as an agent and returns to the force as Spider-Woman. The trailer gave me high hopes; the unique  pastel look is wonderful, as it is drawn specifically for the motion comic genre. Best of all, this is an all-new adventure, so it’s new for all who watch it; I only hope this offsets Spider-Woman’s smaller following, as DC made a much bigger splash starting out with Supes and Bats.

(update) When I first made this post, I wasn’t sure whether or not the motion comic was worth it; I’m no big Spider-Woman fan, and I’m picky about what I purchase (and nowadays, who isn’t?). So for the past week I’ve been looking at reviews, trying to decide, and I was disappointed to find it has received lukewarm marks. Apparently, while the art is wonderful in motion, the dialogue and action is lacking; credit to Cal’s review from read/RANT! and Kyle’s review from Weekly Comic Book Review, whose assessments I particularly appreciated. I won’t be buying it but I certainly don’t forbid you from doing so, should you wish to form your own opinion.

Marvel has also announced that an Astonishing X-Men motion comic will be released mid-October. At first I was jubilant, but now I’m not so sure. Astonishing X-Men is easily my favorite X-Men arc, but how well will it translate into a motion comic? Will the episodes be abridged, or will each issue get its own episode? (At the moment six episodes are confirmed.) Then you throw in dialogue, voice acting, and so many more things that can go wrong. I’ll give it a try come October, but I’m certainly more skeptical after hearing the verdict on Spider-Woman.

What are your thoughts about Spider-Woman? Do you have a favorite Marvel book or story arc you’d love to see as a motion comic? Share it here!

Spider-Woman © Marvel.

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