Disney acquires Marvel for $4 billion


You’ve probably heard the news buzzing about: Disney has officially acquired Marvel for $4 billion in cash and stock.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this may be an incredible opportunity for Marvel to introduce many of its lesser known characters, ranging in the thousands, not just nationally but internationally as well. Comic Book Resources also states that Disney and Marvel may create the same relationship as Disney and Pixar; in short, Disney manages finance and shows up in the credits, but Pixar has full reign over their creativity and production. This also introduces a slew of exciting possibilities, like 3-D films and maybe even collaborations with Pixar.

As a fan, I’m of two minds: this acquisition could be a super boost for the Marvel franchise, allowing it to further distribute and market its characters–can you see Spider-Man and the Avengers gracing Disney stores? (And will this implicate Marvel Island at Universal Studios?) However, there’s probably pages of fine print we aren’t privy to, leaving the possibility that this could also curb Marvel’s creative and distribution abilities in the long run.

NBC News also makes an interesting point: Disney has a monopoly on the girl market thanks to the Princesses; now it may also corner the boy market with superheroes. The Disney empire is certainly growing and this could make many competitors perspire–from toys to films and everything in between.

All we can say right now is that stocks are soaring, and time will tell. What do you think about the deal?


2 thoughts on “Disney acquires Marvel for $4 billion

  1. I cant believe Disney bought Marvel. I can understand both of their trademarks appearing in the same animation or film, but Disney OWNING Marvel is just a little nerfy to the action packed comic business imo. I sincerely hope that Spiderman does not start holding hands with his enemies instead of the usual web slinging punching kicking action. Maybe Spiderman will have a finishing move where he puts a mickey mouse hat on his defeated foe?

    • Thanks for commenting Julie! The possibility certainly exists; Disney may soften up Marvel’s action, especially when it comes to Wolverine, Punisher, Deadpool and some of their more controversial and violent characters. I can see Spidey and some Disney gags in the future, maybe in the comics- I would especially love to see a Fantastic Four vs The Incredibles short from Pixar :)

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