Green Lantern: First Flight Review

Green Lantern: First FlightDC needs some love on this blog. So here it is! I finally watched DC Animation’s latest feature film,

Green Lantern: First Flight.

It was pretty good.

First Flight retells Hal Jordan’s first adventure as a Green Lantern, an elite force that protects the universe from –what else?– evil. Along the way, Jordan’s skill and stamina is tested battling lowlife scum, as well as betrayers within the Lantern Corps with much more sinister intentions (catch the pun?)

The animation is just stellar–from the look of Hal Jordan, the rings’ power, the aliens… it’s smooth, believable, and totally enrapturing. The film has its own style, apart and unique from other Green Lantern predecessors. The musical score is superb as well, giving the story a much-deserved larger than life feel.

And let’s talk about the incredible casting (thank you Andrea Romano!). Christopher Meloni (Law & Order ) portrays Green Lantern, giving him a sarcastic edge usually reserved for Green Arrow, but it totally works here. Victor Garber (Milk, Alias) voices Sinestro with eloquence and passion, and John Larroquette as Tomar Ro? Brilliant.

I had several disappointments, however: chief among them, Hal doesn’t make many mistakes. No wait, he didn’t make any mistakes. Every rookie–and every protagonist–should have at least one major screw up. I realize he’s a natural, destined if you will, but it seemed a little too perfect.

Maybe that’s because the movie didn’t explicitly say anything about the fact that Hal’s willpower is what fuels the ring. It is because of this characteristic that Hal is chosen to be the Green Lantern, not every other cocky pilot in the cosmos. I felt that with one or two lines of dialogue we can see how this makes Hal special, and also gives him some room to make mistakes–your first flight into space will probably cause some jitters and other willpower obstacles.

Nevertheless, this is a must for any Green Lantern fan. They have certainly set a high bar for the live action crew, and I say with utmost seriousness… good luck beating this. (And if Justin Timberlake is cast as Hal, don’t even bother. Seriously.)

Go to the official website for a trailer and more info, and pick up your copy at a Blockbuster or any movie store today!!

What are your thoughts about the new Green Lantern movie? Does it live up to all the hype?


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