Chuck May Air This Month

Public Service Announcement: While not quite October, NBC has still bumped up the premiere date for Chuck’s third season to Sunday, January 10!


For the record, I am willing to buy as many Subway sandwiches as it takes to make this happen.

According to Chuck fansite, the highly anticipated third season of Chuck may air this fall, as early as the end of October, largely thanks to NBC’s rating troubles. (See the original article from EW’s Ausiello here.)

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Chuck’s third season already has high expectations with the return of the major cast. TV Squad reports that Chuckwill feature guest stars Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) and Angie Harmon (Women’s Murder Club)–we have yet to hear about Scott Bakula or Chevy Chase returning, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. The good news is that if Chuck airs early, we may see an extension of the current 13-episode cap, and maybe even another season.

[Update 11/4/09]: NBC has officially ordered six more episodes of Chuck, bringing the third season to 19 episodes!!


Whether Chuck airs next week or in December, I completely agree with TV Squad–NBC, please give Chuck a time slot other than Monday. Monday is jam-packed with popular lineups on other channels (like Fox’s House and Lie to Me), not to mention Monday Night Football. If Chuck is going to save your ratings–and we know he will–don’t shoot it in the foot in the process.

If you’re a new fan looking to see what all the hype is about, or a longtime veteran who can’t wait for the third season premiere, check out Chuck’s official website at, for full episodes and other goodies. Spoiler Junkie has great Chuck season 3 spoilers too!

When do you think Chuck will finally start airing?

(images thanks to Chuck TV’s gallery)

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