No More Mr. Nice Spy!

The third season of Chuck will return Sunday, January 10 with a 2 hour premiere!! Then episodes will continue on Mondays at 8/7c.

NBC is now airing hilarious promos for the third season, with the tag line “No More Mr. Nice Spy.” Love it! Check out two of my favorites below:

Admittedly, this will cause trouble for those of us who watch Monday Night Football, House AND Lie To Me, all on Monday nights–and the TiVo can only take so much. While I understand NBC’s need to compete, it would have been nice if Chuck aired on a different night, perhaps the Thursday comedy block with The Office, 30 Rock and Community. Perhaps they’ll change the time-slot before January, but regardless, I’ll take Chuck early any day.

Thanks to for the announcement. Check out their article for a neat video with Zac Levi (who portrays Chuck) plus a sneak preview of Season 3!

What do you think about Chuck’s early return?

Also, catch up on the last two seasons of Chuck on Hulu and the official NBC website.

Chuck Promos thanks to YouTube user OneTreeHillSeason7


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