NBC picks up Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot

It’s official, according to CBR and Deadline! After months of trying to find a network, NBC has picked up David Kelley’s script for an all-new Wonder Woman TV series. This would mark the first time WW has been on the small screen since the 70’s, when she was portrayed by Lynda Carter.

David Kelley is known for his witty, politically-charged and quirky series like Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal. His latest law show, Harry’s Law, starring Kathy Bates, premiered last Monday–and all the critics seemed to hate it, but I thought it was great. Harry’s Law is also airing on NBC, giving the network good reason to pick up Wonder Woman, too.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, back in the day.

According to CBI and Deadline, we might be seeing a different view of Wonder Woman than we’re used to; she’ll be not only a vigilante, but also a “successful corporate executive in Los Angeles who tries to ‘balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life’.” Wait wait wait. Does that mean that Diana won’t be Princess of Themyscira? Is Kelley going to delete Diana’s Amazonian powers in favour of something more “modern”??

I really hope not; Wonder Woman’s the strongest DC superlady–possibly the strongest superlady ever–and it’s impossible to overstate how influential (not to mention kickass awesome) she is. But from the looks of her live-action film still boiling in development hell, Kelley’s new show might be the best we can get.

update 2/2: BC has read the first draft of Kelley’s script.


5 thoughts on “NBC picks up Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot

  1. To be fair I have never labeled myself as a distinct Wonder Woman fan of DCs Big Three I was always a bigger fan of the brooding vigilante than the Amazonian princess. Wonder Woman to me bridges the gap between the god-like superhero and the fully human one.

  2. I am not a Wonder Woman fan, but I do like the new trend: NBC picking up comic related shows. I honestly didn’t understand any appeal to her beyond the fact that she was a leading lady, but I recently watched the “Apocalypse” animated they did and i really liked her in that. she stood up to both of the boys and really helped supergirl grow into somebody worth being. So, good for her!

    Are you watching the other recent NBC comic show, “The Cape”? I have watched the first couple but I’ve missed the latest ones, maybe i’ll hop on hulu soon to remedy that. Seems fine, little stereotypical to have Glau in there and pretty superficial in the storylines that i’ve caught so far but i’m sure it’s just in early stages, trying to catch it’s footing.

    Wish I could watch/read as much as you can but no TV, doing all I can to stay on top of Fringe and schoolwork. If you don’t watch that you should, they’ve got a great show and they have motion comics AND regular paper comics from Wildstorm. Keep up the great blogging!

    • Wonder Woman can be an appealing heroine just as much as the other A-listers but it’s hard to pull off for whatever reason. I agree, they did a great job with her character in Apocalypse, same with Gail Simone’s run in the comics. While I like Kelley’s other shows, I doubt we’ll get the same three-dimensional-ness in the show but I’m hopeful.

      I’m not watching The Cape thus far. I’ve heard that it takes several scenes from Batman Begins…and I don’t like Summer Glau :P Maybe I’ll watch the pilot at some point and give it a try. haha my queue is so full of TV shows right now! No time for a new one! I’m really enjoying the new Young Justice show, as well as Harry’s Law, Big Bang Theory and Lie to Me. If any of these get awful quick I will drop it and try Fringe, I’ve heard great things about it :)

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