Kitty’s Uncanny X-Men Cover

On the variant* cover of Uncanny X-Men #522 Kitty’s sailing home, very much alive, on the now travel-sized bullet that claimed her life. See the official article here.

She’s come back to life and gained muscle tone. This girl’s got it all.

The cover is cute and of course doesn’t tell us anything about the plot. But what I really want to know is, why isn’t Kitty returning in her own special? When Captain America was resurrected, he got his own series in Reborn; so will Batman in The Return of Bruce Wayne, coming this summer. So why isn’t Kitty special enough to get her own series, and instead appearing in Uncanny? I realize this is part of a story arc, but a character of her caliber deserves a paparazzi comeback.

Well, it’s possible that she’ll only be back in this issue, or one of those other less-desirable outcomes like I mentioned previously. But hey, my favorite character’s coming back so I guess I shouldn’t kvetch too much.

*A variant is a different cover on the comic with unique art; this is usually for those who collect comics. Also, they’re usually more expensive (ie,$8 instead of the usual $4).

Mark your calendars, the issue arrives on shelves March 17!

NOTE: the issue has in fact been delayed until next Wednesday, March 24. I blame Emma Frost.

How do you think Kitty’s return will pan out?


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