X-Men MC, Redeemed!

Looking back, I realize this was inevitable.

Contemplating Kitty’s return led to rereading Astonishing X-Men, which lead to this. Yes, I was at first ashamed: after ripping the second episode of the Astonishing X-Men motion comic (mc) several months back, I just caved in and continued watching it, though I mostly skipped to my favorite parts; Beast and Wolvie’s fight, Colossus’ return, and the fastball special, specifically.

And this time around, I have to admit: the mc has some great moments that accomplishes the essence of the story; I got shivers when Kitty and Colossus phased up through the floor and he started beating on Ord. And how they convert the original to a three dimensional, moving comic is just pretty darn cool. Maybe it’s because I’m overprotective of this particular arc, but looking back, I think I was way over-analytical.

This brings me to a surprising change of heart. Not only was the finale nothing sort of excellent; the animation, voice actors, everything came together and really fit, and I enjoyed it immensely. But I also find myself rethinking my original idea about motion comics as a whole.

Is it really fair to judge a motion comic based on my own conceptions of the original, when maybe this was picture perfect to John Cassaday, artist of the Astonishing X-Men series and director of the motion comic? After watching the mc again, I don’t think so.

The Astonishing X-Men motion comic, and perhaps motion comics as a whole, isn’t a ‘replacement’ for comics; I can’t imagine these being made without an original to fall back on. Perhaps mc’s should be viewed and appreciated as a supplemental to the original, much like the Harry Potter movies, or any other adaptation for that matter. And that’s because motion comics can’t even try to replace the book, because part of the beauty of the written format is imagining it coming to life for yourself, even if said conception varies from person to person; I got so caught up in wanting the motion comic to fit my ideal of the original, that I couldn’t sit back and enjoy it.

But now, I can.


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