Kitty Pryde’s Return

Kitty’s finally back!


(Reviewing Uncanny X-Men #522, spoilers are ahead!)

Magneto, in an effort to gain the X-Men’s trust, retrieves the giant bullet floating through space carrying Kitty Pryde. She returns to Earth, but…yes, there’s a big but there.

There are some wonderful moments that make this issue worth the read, aside from the simple fact that Kitty returns. Magneto’s tremendous effort to retrieve the giant metal bullet from space, as well as his willpower to unite all the X-Men together for this moment at Utopia, was a beautiful scene; the X-Men had better trust him now.

Kitty’s returned, but writer Matt Fraction’s kindness comes with a price; it’s both joyous and maddeningly bitter to see what transpires when Colossus and Kitty finally see each other again. But at the same time, her new ‘condition’ makes sense, and I appreciate that Fraction is both giving and taking away. I don’t know how much he likes Kitty but at least it doesn’t come across as a fanfiction, or a gesture simply to please the fans.

For such a monumental event, however, there’s a troubling lack of emotionally-charged reactions and discussion about her return. I was waiting for the big reaction from Colossus, father-figure Wolverine, and even Emma, whose feelings towards Kitty radically changed just before she died. Instead, there were surprised looks and half-smiles. It felt shallow and I wanted the issue to be twice as long, if only to fully appreciate the magnitude of Kitty’s return.

Oh yeah, and this is the final issue, so now Second Coming is starting. Probably not the best time to have a lot of explanations and bring Kitty back into the fold. Thanks again, Fraction.

If you’re not so pleased about this, like I am, I highly suggest getting into Chris Claremont’s X-Men Forever. Kitty is alive and well, without any of Fraction’s (or dare I say Whedon’s) alterations of the character.


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