New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Here’s the newest trailer for Iron Man 2, premiering in less than two months, on May 7th.

As usual, the visual effects look phenomenal–Whiplash’s electric powers look especially spot-on, and Rourke fits the role perfectly. I just love that cherry blossom scene too, and I’m excited to see Rhodey (now Don Cheadle) suiting up along with Stark. And that ending scene with Stark getting into his new travel sized suit was nothing short of freaking awesome. Hopefully Black Widow will show some better moves than just kung fu…or maybe she’s just there for eye candy for the guys. Wouldn’t be surprising.

While I don’t follow the Iron Man comics, I like the idea of combining Whiplash with pressure from the government to turn over the Iron Man suit. Stark is the first superhero whose identity is known to the public, feeding his already massive ego but also causing problems for Iron Man’s survival. And bringing in Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury will plant the seeds for the upcoming Avengers movie too.

Even though it looks like a worthy sequel, I’m still unsure whether it will be better than the first. Favreau is definitely pushing the envelope in terms of story and visuals, but Stark’s four Iron Man suits, as well as an evil Iron-army, may make the theme rather tired. Sometimes repeating a theme has less glow than when it was first done, but I think Iron Man 2 is up to the challenge.

What do you think about Iron Man 2?


10 thoughts on “New Iron Man 2 Trailer

  1. I’m very excited about it. I love the Whiplash character (and I agree that Rourke is just right for the part) and his focus on Stark being an ass who is trying to make up for all his past misdeeds – and that he just doesn’t deserve to be given that chance. Did you read the Marvel Civil War stuff? There’s this great moment where The Falcon and Cap are talking, and The Falcon says, “Stark’s a sell-out. Always was, always will be.” Well, I think given Tony’s amount of ownership in the, well, the entire world, he’s more of a “buy-in” than a “sell-out,” but it amounts to the same thing.

    I loved the first movie (own it), and am very excited for the second. Oh, and I’m totally stoked about Sam Rockwell as an uber-villain. He rules!


    Ian Carruthers
    Co-Owner / Filmmaker
    Let’s Make a Movie!

    • Hi Ian, thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, it definitely looks like a great sequel, following in the original’s footsteps as a departure from the ‘traditional’ superhero movies we’ve seen of late.

      I like that quote from Falcon, it definitely sums up Tony Stark–I did read the Civil War stuff, I have the book of the original issues, and I read some of the Spidey and X-Men related comics as well. Not to think too far into the future, but do you think they’ll make a Civil War movie? I think that would be epic and awesome, but we may have to see how Evan shapes up as Cap first.

      • Civil War would be effin’ kick-A, for sure. I don’t know if it’ll make a movie, though, in the near future. The story’s excellent, but I think there’s just too much history in the characters for non-initiates to really know what’s going on, and enjoy it on the level I think it ought to be enjoyed on. Of course, I’ve been reading these books since the late 70’s, and I’m a snob, soooo… ;)

        Have you read Gail Simone and Neil Googe’s “Welcome to Tranquility?” It’s a small town sheriff story about a place where old superheros and villains go to retire. All brand new, creator owned characters. I find that sometimes I have a hard time getting into brand new characters like that. One of the things I started out hating about Marvel in the last 15 years or so was the number of alternate universes they kept creating. How do you expect me to follow anything? But when I loosened up a bit, and just started enjoying, I realized how much I loved all the different things one could do with a terrific character if you didn’t have to deal with too much of the history.

        At any rate, Simone has crafted some excellent characters, and by the end of the first story arc, I really cared about these folks and what they had to deal with. Wonderful! I admire her writing.

        Oh, other terrific, character driven stuff – “Gotham Central.” The people surrounding the Batman, not the Batman himself.

        Ooooh! And Whedon’s “Astonishing X-men.”

        Anyway, I’m going off. ;) Do you have any favorites? I’m always looking for more comix to read.



      • I agree, Civil War has a lot of complex history–Downey Jr would make a great villainous Tony, though.

        Thanks so much for the recommendations! I really like Gail’s writing on Birds of Prey and I’ve been meaning to read more of her work.

        I totally know what you mean about the alternate universes. For me, Astonishing X-Men is also one of my favorite comics so I got really over-analytical when the motion comic came out; it didn’t quite match up to my expectations and the way I visualized it in my mind. But after a while I loosened up and now I can enjoy it for what it is :)

        Have you read Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”? It is an excellent graphic novel series about the god of dreams, Morpheus (that is totally oversimplified). The first issue is a little rough but after that it’s a magnificent blend of history, literature and mythology… and classic Gaiman.

        I also recommend everything by Darwyn Cooke, especially Batman: Ego (part of his book Batman: Ego and other Tails). It’s a look at the psychology of Batman and Bruce Wayne, and it’s probably my favorite Bats issue ever.

        I also love Batgirl: Year One but that’s my bias talking. :)

  2. I will definitely check out Darwyn Cooke. It appears I’ve seen some of his art, anyway – as part of Brubaker’s Cat Woman. I’ve seen the cover art for New Frontiers a few times, but never checked it out. I’ll give Ego a go. ;)

    And yes, I’ve read Sandman. Several times. It took me till later to really get it and enjoy it – too creepy for me when I was younger. I’m noticing that I really don’t like horror fiction or movies – but comix? I’m starting to really enjoy it. Hellblazer’s a good example. Read pretty much all of them, and enjoyed quite a bit.

    • Great! Let me know how it goes :) Definitely give Ego and New Frontier a try–oh, and I almost forgot, he also did a fantastic run with The Spirit. I’m going to get the newest Brubaker issue this week, so we’ll see how it shapes up; Cooke definitely set a high bar.

      Haha I’m glad you’ve read Sandman; all of Gaiman’s novels are great too. I actually still have to get through the last three Sandman issues or so; I’ve read that Morpheus dies at the end so I’m not sure I want to put myself through that.

      • I just read one of Gail Simone’s books – it’s about the Secret 6? They were the anti-Injustice League, fighting the 2nd Luthor and all his minions. Not as good as Tranquility, but not bad.

        Hey, are you interested in discussing comix more, perhaps by straight up e-mail, or something like that? I’m enjoying this convo. You can find me on facebook, as well as the film company my wife and I own and run – foolish tree films. Or just drop me a line to my e-mail addy.

        Yes, the last few issues of Sandman are…hard. I understand you not wanting to put yourself through that, but…if I may offer this – it’s utterly gorgeous, visually and emotionally. (implied spoilers ahead!)

        And he is, not without reason, one of the Endless. Let me put it this way. I believe in reincarnation. I believe that we don’t just get one go-around on this big blue, green (and increasingly sand-yellow) ball. Or in the universe, anyway. ;) I believe this because, one day, I looked at a tree, and thought: “What does it do every year? It dies, and comes back to life.” Sure, it’s a metaphor – but why should we, necessarily, be any different.

        Well, the end – and epilogue – of Sandman are a little like that. ;)



      • Oh nice, I haven’t read Secret 6 yet, I will definitely give that a try too! Anti-Injustice League? Sounds a little contradicting but ok :)

        I’m enjoying our conversation too, I’d be glad to continue over email. I have a lot going on during the next couple of weeks so I’ll shoot you a message soon.

        And thanks for the reassurance about Sandman, that gives me a reason to keep on going. As much as I enjoy Gaiman sometimes it’s difficult to live in his world for an extended period of time!

  3. Okay, I read the first volume of “New Frontiers” and “Ego.” On “New Frontiers:” I liked some of the themes, but they felt a bit re-treaded. Stuff that Frank Miller had touched upon quite a lot (Dark Knight), and Mark Waid too (Kingdom Come). I also didn’t like the Wonder Woman interpretation. I love her as a bad-ass, but…I don’t know. There wasn’t the complexity I’ve enjoyed with her character. That might be sexism on my part – “a woman can’t just be a warrior” – but I don’t think so.

    I did very much like the few pages of everyone chilling out together. It was very “Rat Pack,” and I think the tone was just right.

    Which brings me to “Ego.” I thought it was not all that great, actually. Sorry! ;) Again, I felt like old themes (mostly initially brought up by Frank Miller) were re-hashed here, and not to particularly good effect. I also wasn’t buying the weeping Bruce/Batman thing, towards the beginning.

    Now, I’m definitely willing to concede that this attitude on my part may be chauvinism – “man up, already!” – in fact, I even think that’s likely. Beyond that, I just didn’t think the writing was all that good.

    However…I read “Ego” in a collection, and there was another story, a Catwoman story, that I absolutely loved. “Catwoman: Selena’s Big Score.” It was a heist-against-the-mob story, and it was all about Catwoman’s bad-assness and isolation from loving. I loved it. I thought it was well written and the emotions were true. I feel Cooke’s strength lies in the Elmore Leonard area – mystery, noir, etc. This one was out of the park for me.

    And I’ve started on Gail Simone’s run on Birds of Prey. LOVE IT! I’m loving the ass-kickin’ these ladies do, and the girly-stuff they get into. Not “girly” like – “hee-hee! Pink!” but just women-things, the way they react, the stuff they say. Simone gets it, and I love it. I find that I’m challenged by the hyper-attractiveness of the women characters, though. Impossibly long waists and everyone’s got a cute, button, turned up nose. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a primarily-heterosexual male, and I like looking at such things – but the dialogue and the story is so real, emotionally, I want the characters to look at least somewhat more “normal,” somewhat more “real.”

    Comics, yay! ;)

  4. Hey Ian, thanks! Yeah I realized that I don’t check my email all that much, so it’s probably best to keep discussing here :)

    No problem about not liking some of the titles, I completely understand! I think I’m more of a fan of Cooke’s art than his actual writing, particularly in Ego. I hear you about the similar themes in New Frontier, for me I have the most problems with the villain…but that’s in volume two. And that’s an interesting point about Wonder Woman, I think most of the characters had to be glossed over because of the huge cast. While I also wasn’t crazy about her, I really liked how Flash and J’onn were written.

    How interesting, I actually can’t stand Frank Miller. I’ll never forgive him for All-Star, and I didn’t like the storyline in Dark Knight at all. I suppose Batman Year One is the only exception, so there you go :) We can agree to disagree!

    Yeah, Cooke’s Catwoman story is phenomenal–if they ever do an animated film about her, they should definitely base it on Big Score. Have you read Cooke’s Hunter? I wasn’t into the story that much but the art is fantastic.

    Yay Birds of Prey! Glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve read the first couple of issues and I enjoy it too…though I also have the same issues with the art, I completely understand. If you’re interested, Gail Simone and Ed Benes are launching a new Birds of Prey series, and the first issue comes out today! I’m excited to pick it up and will definitely be reviewing it here. :)

    Also, the new series I’m reading is Runaways, by Brian Vaughan (he did Fables, another great run). Have you read it? It’s about a group of teenagers who learn their parents are supervillains. It’s definitely a lighter read, with a manga-like feel. But it’s a lot of fun and Vaughan’s writing is great. Something else to try if you’d like :)

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