Cap’s Leading Cast

Marvel has reported the leading cast to Captain America: The First Avenger, set to release in July 2011.

Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) will play Captain America, Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl) will portray Cap’s sidekick Bucky, and Hayley Atwell (The Duchess) will fill the shoes of Cap’s love interest, Peggy Carter.

As a Marvel fan, I’m a bit annoyed that Evans, who was brilliant as the immature and mischievous Human Torch, is now Captain America. Marvel is a universe, and it should feel like one on the big screen as much as the comics. By recasting the same faces into different costumes they’re de-authenticating the validity of the universe, and this could get even more complicated after the Avengers movie, if they want to continue incorporating past heroes into new films. And as I’ve discussed with other fans on their blogs, I’m not sure if Evans can hold a candle to Downey Jr and Norton Jr in the Avengers movie.

But on the other hand, as a female fan, I really can’t complain. I think all us ladies remember our favorite part of Fantastic Four:

Like I said, I can’t complain.

So on the whole, am I looking forward to the Cap movie? Probably, as it gets closer. Joss Whedon is most likely rewriting it, which is a definite plus, and I’m looking forward to a different kind of movie–one that takes place during WWII, and will therefore be much darker and grittier than the sleek, technology-happy flicks we’ve seen so far. And Evans sure deserves a movie that doesn’t flop.

How do you feel about Chris Evans as Captain America? Does he fit the role?


8 thoughts on “Cap’s Leading Cast

  1. Whoa! You changed the hell out of this post.

    1. Evans is not a good actor

    2. Please, don’t add man flesh to the merits of a movie.

    3. In response to your other post, you mention Ryan Reynolds as an example of playing multiple characters that work? He’s played two Marvel characters, as well as Green Lantern. Remember Hannibal King? Besides, FF is getting rebooted. So, if you’re going to start bitching about how Marvel films have to have some sort of continuity, tell that to the two Hulk films, or the three Punisher films, or what about the Captain America film that already exists?

    But, more importantly, I wanted to recommend Brave and the Bold #33:

    You will LOVE it.

    If you ignore this comment, like you did with my last one, it’ll be your loss.

    Take care.

    • Hi Bruce, thanks for your comments! Yes I did change the post quite a bit, I thought I was too over-analytical and sort of annoying. Hence the changes.

      1-Evans isn’t a great actor, and he certainly doesn’t hold a candle to Downey Jr or Norton Jr–I can see Iron Man as the leader in Avengers instead of Cap. But I still think he was great as Human Torch, and he deserves one non-flop movie in his career.

      2-Well I am a chick. So I’m allowed to appreciate it. (And maybe it will bring in more readers too.) It doesn’t comprise my only praise for the F4 movie, nor is it my only favorite part. I was going for wit.

      3-I didn’t watch Hannibal King, but I see your point. I think that Marvel has a generational continuity, so the Cap movie fits with the Flash series but they’re separate from the movies today; it’s sort of the same with the animated TV shows, as X-Men looks a lot different on the small screen than it did twenty years ago (and not any better). I haven’t seen the Cap movie but from the look of the trailer it’ll probably be better than the one coming out next year. FF is being rebooted? Well as long as Chiklis comes back as The Thing I’m happy.

      Thanks so much for your recommendation! That looks like a great issue, and wait-wait-is that Babs I see?! Oh I will definitely stop by the comics shop this week and pick it up :)

      I’m sorry if I offended you; I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. (Though to be honest, in your last comment I wasn’t sure what to do with that last line) :) Take care too!

      • Oh, ok. No, no, you’re a girl, you could never be annoying.

        1. Wait, the first FF movie wasn’t a flop. I seem to remember it doing quite well. Eh, was he that great, or is that just an easy role to play? Playing flashy characters often get mistaken for good acting.

        2. I know you’re a chick, and I would the same thing if you were a guy. I dislike it when people use attraction as a motivation for watching movies.

        3. You speak as if Hannibal King was a movie. He played the character in Blade Trinity. If Chiklis does come back as The Thing, can he lose the rock voice? His normal accent fits the character fine.

        Yeah, you’ll love that Brave and the Bold. Be warned, with all your female hormones and menstruation, you may cry.

        Of course you didn’t offend me. I’m just having fun, and I’m happy to comment.

        By last comment, are you confused as to what comment you didn’t respond to? It was on the Top 10 couples list. Or are you confused by my last line of that previous comment?

        “You think men will respond to your personality? That’s adorable!”

        That one? Again, just having fun, making light of men’s pigheadedness and not caring about a woman’s personality, which is of course true of some men.

      • Haha, thank you.

        That’s a really good point about Evans…Johnny Storm probably isn’t all that difficult to pull off. Do you think he’ll make a good Cap?

        So me thinking Hannibal was a movie just goes to show how I haven’t seen Blade at all :) Am I missing out? The Thing’s rock voice is like Batman’s gravel voice, somehow they need it to seem…more threatening I guess.

        The Brave and the Bold issue has Killing Joke foreshadowing, doesn’t it? *sigh* Oh well, I can’t get away from it as a Babs fan. Plus, I own and love Batgirl Year One and that thing’s full of it.

        Haha yes, that was the comment, not a problem :)

        By the way, what’s Schultz’s first issue of The Spirit like? I love Cooke’s Spirit and I’m curious if it’s up to par.

  2. I’ve never seen Fantastic Four, and I don’t know the Captain America character very well, but from what I’ve heard from my boyfriend, Evans is somewhat a good choice. I agree that he’s attractive too…but there’s something missing! He doesn’t seem to carry the ass-kicking/super-hero gene. Maybe I’ll change my mind after watching F4.

    What do you think about Mark Valley ( as Captain America?

    • Hey Lena, thanks! Definitely give Fantastic Four a try (and ignore what Rotten Tomatoes tells you), it’s a lot of fun.

      I totally agree there’s something missing from Evans in this particular role. Plus he’s going to be fighting in WWII which is even more serious, so we’ll see if he can step it up.

      Actually, if Reynolds continues to play Green Lantern in the DC universe, and Evans wasn’t Cap, he could’ve made a decent Deadpool. Hm.

      Regarding Mark Valley, I haven’t seen Fringe, so all I can go by is the picture. He definitely looks like he could fit the part, more so than Evans at least. I also really liked Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent in Dark Knight) for the job too. :P

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