Beyond Awesome

After all these years, Batman Beyond is making a comebackIn June, the  Superman/Batman Annual issue will feature the future Batman Terry McGinnis, and a six issue Batman Beyond mini-series will premiere.

For those of you who don’t know, BB was a hit animated show about Gotham set fifty years into the future. Bruce, now elderly, has to retire and take on a new protege, Terry McGinnis. It was cancelled around 2001, before Justice League began. And now, with the arrival of the S/B cover (below), I have to admit: this is freaking awesome. As a Batman Beyond fan from the beginning, I am psyched that the series is coming back and the DCAU will get a second wind, in a sense.

S/B Annual #4, in which Terry is quite ripped. Toto, I don't think we're in high school anymore!

Superman/Batman Annual #4: Will pick up when Superman meets Batman Beyond from episode “The Call,” and Superman even sports the same outfit in the cover as he did on the show. According to,  Bats will return to Metropolis and face an “old vindictive nemesis”! I’m thinking Inque, Blight, Shriek, or maybe even Curaré. The issue is written by Paul Levitz, who has worked closely with the directors of BB. And I love the reflection of Bruce and Clark in the cover.

Batman Beyond mini series: I’ve got less details for you on this one; it’s possible that the annual will be a starting point for the series. But an interesting rumor that’s cropped up is a “Superman Beyond” (source).  I wonder if this is just the name for future Superman as seen above, or if he’s a new future Superman, as Terry is to Bruce?

*insert awesome electric guitar theme song here*

While I usually reserve judgment for adaptations, I am still so excited for this! DC is going back to an old favorite, and also moving forward. Terry’s world is sleek and tech-savvy, but also has that gritty darkness that made the Nolan movies so popular. If done right–and I have little doubt it will be– we could witness the full-fledged rebirth of the best Batman show ever.


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