Should Chuck get a 4th season?

You’ve heard the old adage “quality over quantity,” right? Less is more, because the “less” is given more time, thought and effort. It works for a lot of things, whether it’s clothes and shoes (though some girls may disagree with me on that) pages of school essays, and even friendships.

And I think it also works for NBC’s spy comedy Chuck.

Now, I’ve told you how much I love Chuck, even though I had  some issues with the first half of the season. Well, Chuck is going steady with Sarah, Morgan’s in the CIA, and the third season is coming to a close. Along with several other shows, Chuck is back on the NBC bubble, and fans are rallying (literally) for another season;  according to Associated Content, there’s a good chance that fourth season will be made a reality.

You’re all going to hate me for this, but I’m not sure if I want one just yet.
Thanks to

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan since season one. I want more of a show that I love, not to mention keeping Zac Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and the rest of the crew employed. But I also want quality entertainment, and I’d rather have Chuck for three amazing series, than three amazing series and one/two/three more that sucked.

Why the ambivalence?

For one thing, sometimes the plot feels like it’s gone off the deep end. Chuck is a spy, he isn’t, he is again, he’s running away, he’s coming back–you get the picture? Plus, the Intersect is confined to one or two flashes per episode. While I loved the scene where Chuck spills his spy life to Morgan, the fact that Morgan can just suddenly join the CIA is absolutely bogus. Sorry. After Superman Shaw bit the big one, we got our Chuck and Sarah moments, and if they screw it up again (which, trust me, they will), it will be a soap opera all over again.

We’ve got guest stars galore, an overdone plot, and each episode feels like a season finale, a far cry from the levity and casual geek references in the first and second seasons. And sometimes it’s okay for a show to change and grow, and the ratings haven’t plunged either–NBC actually hurried Chuck’s premiere to save its own skin, which is definitely saying something.

I guess I’ll have to see where the gang ends up by the season’s end; it looks like happy endings are on the horizon for all of our characters, so we’ll see how open the finale is, and if it needs to go anywhere–or if I’ll quietly delete this post afterward. In terms of guest stars, I can’t complain: I’ve heard Scott Bakula, who portrays Chuck’s father, is coming back, and Christopher Lloyd is guest starring tonight; for the moment, I’ll suspend my doubts and just enjoy the season for what it is.

Update: Chuck has indeed been renewed for a fourth season!!

(Because if it wasn’t, I would totally be campaigning for a Casey spinoff. I would watch that.)


8 thoughts on “Should Chuck get a 4th season?

  1. You’re a better person than I! I guess I’m unabashedly selfish, I want my shows to continue no matter how bad they get. 24 got canceled this season – I think they probably took your advice and left on a high note. But I’m going to miss my beloved characters so much! I’d watch them even if they were just washing dishes and having a little chat the entire hour :-P

    • Aw shoot, I’m sorry they canceled 24. I thought that one would go on forever, it’s so popular! Maybe they’ll do a spinoff of some kind?

      Haha, I’ll probably end up changing my mind about a fourth Chuck season by the time this one’s over. Regrettably, there just aren’t enough good TV shows out there to warrant the end of these :(

      • I think they’re going to try to foray into 24 movies – not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, Yay – more Jack Bauer, and maybe with stronger language! But on the other – what are the plots going to be like?

        I agree that television shows are going downhill – it’s all about the remakes now, and I’m not a fan of those!

  2. Hmm, a 24 movie…from the very small amount I’ve seen of the show, that might work as a Mission Impossible or James Bond type of movie, I guess? As a fan, how essential is the cliffhanger one-hour format to you?

    Haha I totally agree, and animation’s pretty bad nowadays too…some of the shows on Cartoon Network aren’t even cartoons. Blasphemy! :(

    • Hey Bob, thanks so much for the link to your interview!
      Does it by chance have any season finale spoilers? I actually haven’t seen it yet, regrettably playoffs have been taking precedence for the past couple of weeks :)

  3. OMG that poster/picture that you posted is AWESOME, I must have it.

    Chuck + Sarah = <3 They must never mess this plot line up!!!!

    I think I watch too many soap opera-like shows (and one soap opera at that), that this aspect of the story line doesn't bother me. I find most shows usually go down that path (take Glee for an example, if you've seen any of it).

    • Hey Laur! Yeah that’s my favorite Chuck poster ever :D

      Yay Chuck and Sarah are finally officially together!! (or at least, before the finale…must…watch…) It’s about time!

      I’m glad the soap opera-ness doesn’t bother you. Maybe it troubles me because I’m so invested in the characters by now that the episodes feel more draining afterward than at the beginning. Hm.

      Hehe yes I do watch Glee! It’s definitely full of high school drama but a lot of fun nonetheless. I heard the latest one was really weird, though.

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