Lie to Me: Beat the Devil

Lie to Me on Fox

While Cal visits Helen, his old flame and current university professor, he comes across Martin Walker, a charming and upstanding student. Cal believes Martin is in fact a sociopath, responsible for the disappearance of several college girls, but his colleagues don’t believe him–so just how far will Lightman have to go to prove himself right? (hint: the above image doesn’t even come close.)

“Beat the Devil” premiered on Monday, finally launching Lie to Me in the second half of the season. Needless to say, it encapsulates everything I love about the show: high stakes, suspense, exemplary writing, and of course, two plots going on at the same time *sigh*.

This episode also takes a darker and more violent course than usual. The idea of a young man who seems charismatic and charming, but in fact tortures and murders girls, is quite horrendous, but even so, Jason Dohring was fantastic as Martin. Even though I have to trust Lightman’s instincts by now, Dohring’s performance  kept me second-guessing him until…well, about midway through. That’s pretty good. Rowena King was great as Lightman’s old flame Helen, and her presence brought up that romantic tension between Cal and Gillian; the brief conversation between the two of them is very revealing on Gillian’s part, especially since the preview for the next episode infers that Gillain is keeping a biiiig secret from Cal.

Speaking of romantic tension, is anyone else seeing some serious sparks fly between Torres and Loker? (That was, quite possibly, the only interesting thing going on in the science-teacher-saw-a-UFO subplot.) They would make a cute couple, but Torres and Dupree were even better (below).

Hey, where has that guy been for the last fifteen episodes? Seriously, the last time we saw Dupree, he was in the hospital with a brain injury. Is he still alive?? Oh smart writers, it only takes a line of dialogue to write him out officially and let us concerned fans know, instead of assuming that we are stupid. Or, maybe he’ll show up as a surprise midway through the season and turn this into a love triangle straight out of high school. (ahem) Anywho, retreating from rant territory, we’ll have to see if these two get together before Gillian and Cal…but considering the radio silence from Dupree’s end, my bet’s on the former.

Also, there were several moments that left me unable to connect the dots, particularly involving Martin’s knowledge and ability to manipulate Lightman. How did Martin get into the Lightman building–wouldn’t you need some sort of key or passcode to walk through the doors? And how did Martin find out that Torres works for Lightman, if the two had never met? I suppose these questions are pretty nipticky, but the answer “he just figured out” or “he stalked Lightman all day” isn’t good enough.

Nevertheless, Lie To Me returns with a bang, and I can’t wait for the next episode on Monday.

What do you think about Lie to Me’s return? Will we ever see Dupree again? Dun dun dun!


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