Bat-Trivia #5

Holy Adam West, Batman!

Holy Adam West, Batman!

Adam West of campy Batman fame has forayed into voice work in recent years. And apparently, since the writers don’t know what to do with his boundless talents, West usually ends up parodying himself and/or his alter ego.

So, your trivia question is…Adam West Trivia

Vote, then read on to see the answer!

And the answer is… 



west_catman.jpg image by fop_latinguide

Adam West makes several appearances in Fairly Odd Parents, both as himself and through his alter ego. In the show, West is, well, off his rocker, and his alter ego is Catman. Catman, in turn, is a parody of the ‘real’ Catman in DC comics, who wears similar costume and colors, and of course they’re making fun of Batman too.

If I could find a video clip I would show you firsthand, but alas I can’t find one! If you have Netflix, the first two seasons of Fairly Odd Parents are streaming; Catman makes his first appearance in the last episode of the second season, called “Miss Dimmsdale.” (at one point in the episode Vicky calls Timmy Birdbrain *geekfest*)

If you guessed Crimson Chin, you’ve got the right show but the wrong actor–the Crimson Chin is voiced by Jay Leno, and rightly so!

If you guessed Mayor of Quahog, you’ve got the right actor but the wrong show–he’s from Family Guy!


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