Lois & Clark

…Anyone else realize how much their names sound like “Louis and Clark?”
*ahem* on to the pictures.

It’s the story you’ve always heard. Boy meets ace reporter. Girl meets mild-mannered boy who is actually a superpowered alien with laser vision. Oh yes, they were made for each other, ever since mild-mannered Clark met Lois at the Daily Planet in Action Comics #1, but Lois had eyes only for the Man of Steel, hero of Metropolis. While Superman frequently rescued Lois, she’s much more than a damsel in distress; she’s regarded as the most brilliant reporter alive…but she can’t see how Clark and Superman have the same face.

Well, wherever Superman is, you’re sure to find Lois Lane close behind, especially since in 1996, Lois and Clark happily married in the comics–and yes, she knows full well about her mild-mannered reporter’s alter ego.

Here are some favorite images of the cute couple, in all their various incarnations, after the jump!

File:Clois superman.jpg



What’s your favorite Lois & Clark moment?

Share moments, memories and images here, and let us know if you have a favorite couple for us to feature!


3 thoughts on “Lois & Clark

  1. How cool! Now I’ll get more of a backstory on the superheroes and their ladies =) I think my favorite version of Superman so far has been the Dean Cain version from the tv show – I used to watch it all of the time!

    • Thanks Lena :) I haven’t seen the show yet, but it’s streaming now on Netflix so I’ll get around to it…eventually :P

      Is there a particular couple you’d like to see? If so please let me know! :)

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