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Gert and Chase are our second featured monthly couple. For all featured couples see the Couple of the Month category here.

Gert and Chase are a primary couple in Runaways, an excellent series about a group of kids who discover their parents are supervillains.If you haven’t read Runaways yet you are really missing out; check out my review and subsequent gushing of the first three volumes. (And if you are a super-awesome reader, you might notice that I wrote said entry after my 10 favorite couples list…rest assured, G&C are now in the top five, no question.

These two are, if I may say it bluntly, freaking adorable. But seriously Jen Cho? Did you have to draw Gert super skinny for this cover?? Not cool. At all.

There. Thank you.

Gert is different from not only the mainstream in society overall, but a true outsider in the comic book world; she’s a little overweight, has purple hair, but boy, does she have wit and intelligence like no other! Gert’s parents were time-travelers, and their gift to her is a velocirapter from the 87th century, Old Lace, with whom Gert shares a telepathic bond. Even though she doesn’t have superpowers aside from Old Lace, several heroes still peg her as Avenger material; in fact, we see a future version of Gert as leader of the Avengers with the codename “Heroine.”

Chase, on the other hand, is regularly regarded as the “dumb jock” of the group. (For example, when crimelord Kingpin says, “I dislike semantics,” Chase replies, “Yeah, neither does Mel Gibson.”) While Chse doesn’t have brain-smarts like Gert, he is a talented mechanic, like his mad-scientist parents. Like Gert, Chase doesn’t have traditional superpowers, aside from his tech smarts and his Fistigons, robotic gloves that can shoot fire and other cool stuff. Chase isn’t the most upstanding teen either, and there are several hints that he’s broken the law more than once.

The two shared their first kiss after Gert performed CPR on Chase, reviving him (above); while they were an unexpected couple, they are also the longest-lasting in the series. It’s so cute to see how they have changed each other through their relationship: while Gert seems to soften up a bit and become less cynical about the world, Chase admits that Gert keeps him out of trouble. Gert broke up with Chase when she saw him kissing Nico, revealing that she knows she isn’t conventionally beautiful and that she expected it to go this way. As you can see in the larger picture above, Chase reveals his feelings for Gert during their argument.

What I really love about them as a couple is that they’re real, or at least more realistic than most spandex-clad superheroes. They don’t have superpowers, jaw-droppingly good looks, or even a happy ending. They’ve got their own problems and insecurities, and they’re together not because it was written in the stars, but for the simple reason that they love each other. Even though Runaways has a lot of teenage drama and angst, Vaughan keeps it real and simple, and it shows through Gert and Chase’s relationship.


As for where they are now…well, I don’t want to say it. But I have to. Gert proved her true feelings when she took a dagger to the gut to save Chase’s life. She died transferring her telepathic link with Old Lace to Chase, and telling him that she has always loved him.

It is probably one of very few times that I’ve cried over the death of a fictional character (one of my all time favorites, but a fictional one all the same). It was so unfair; an element of Runaways was lost and I couldn’t enjoy the later volumes.

All I’m going to say is, Brian Vaughan had better save us from this insanity, bring Runaways out of hiatus and set things right. RIGHT NOW.

Here were more of my fave images of the two–but don’t scroll down too far unless you want major spoilers, or at least, to see what I’ve written in pictures.


One of my favorite scenes with Gert, in which she lays down the truth about heroes while eating sushi with Spidey.

Chase is definitely the 'bad boy' plus 'dumb jock' of the group. What does Gert see in him?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In case you forgot, Chase got knocked out in the last scene, and Gert revived him with CPR.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love Gert's sarcasm and that grin on Chase's face

More cute pics and the spoilers are after the jump!!

:( :( :(

And seriously, the series only got worse from there.

Share your favorite Gert and Chase moments (as well as any and all ideas about how Gert and Old Lace come back to life) here!

Thanks to Asylums at LiveJournal, ComicVine and this post at Scans Daily for the pics :)


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