Apocalypse Preview

In the next DC animated film, dynamic duo Batman and Superman meet Superman’s cousin, Kara, who crash-lands on Earth. But Darkseid, galactic villain and ruler of the planet Apocalypse, has other plans for the fledgling Kryptonian. The story is based on the second volume in the Superman/Batman series, Supergirl, written by Jeph Loeb–the sequel to Public Enemies.

Apocalypse looks like another high-quality, fast paced animated film that will set a high bar just as the last movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood, is–and when someone like Darkseid is involved, the stakes will be high and the explosions will be big. I’m thrilled to see the return of Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Susan Eisenberg, who will be reprising their roles once again as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman respectively. (It’s about time we got to hear Eisenberg again! She’s the best Wonder Woman voice actress hands down.) Also, there’s an exclusive short Green Arrow film in the special edition package, a treat for us Emerald Archer fans who want a full-length movie someday.

During the Apocalypse featurette on the Hood DVD, Jeph Loeb claims that this film is going to be the defining Supergirl story for this generation. Okay, I buy into that; not many people know Kara’s backstory, plus she’ll have the first DC heroine spotlight since Wonder Woman’s flick. But wait– if this is Supergirl’s origin story, why is the movie called Superman/Batman: Apocalypse? Fine, roll your eyes at me, but if this story is about Supergirl, shouldn’t it at least have her name in the title? I realize that Superman/Batman: Supergirl might be a bit confusing, and Supergirl herself might not sell as much as the big DC heroes, but come on. It’s like calling a Wonder Woman film The Amazons.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse releases September 28 on Blu-ray and DVD.

Are you ready for Superman/Batman: Apocalypse?


2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Preview

    • Thanks as always for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the movie and the voices were good; I wasn’t expecting a big Supergirl movie but hopefully they at least brought Barda in *sigh*

      I’m looking forward to commenting on your review and writing my own as soon as I see the film!

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