The Dark Knight Rises

This is a fanmade poster, not an official one...but it should be.

A flurry of news about Nolan’s third Batman movie has been circulating over the past several days! While you’ve probably seen it from several different sources (see most of them at IGN), here’s what we now know:

– The title will be called Dark Knight Rises.
Tom Hardy from Inception has been cast in an unidentified role.
– The Riddler will NOT be the main villain.
– Nolan is meeting with actresses for an unidentified leading role.

Meaning, what exactly?

The title infers that the film will take place right or soon after the last movie, so we can expect to see Batman on the run from the Gotham Police. In terms of family expansion, we can’t expect to see Dick, Babs or Tim, at least not in costume.

Tom Hardy’s role could be any Bats villain except those already portrayed (Ra’s, Two Face, Joker, Scarecrow); nor Mr. Freeze or the Riddler. Right now my money’s on Deadshot, as you probably guessed from the fan poster I chose–he’s a kickass assassin and a tough opponent for Batman, since Bruce refuses to use guns. Hardy (right) fits the part, in terms of age and physique. And if the audience likes Deadshot enough he may get a spinoff–can you say Secret Six movie? But I digress!

The leading lady could be any villainness from Batman’s rouges gallery. The top two candidates are  Talia, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and one of Batman’s more significant love interests; and Selina Kyle, by night known as the thief Catwoman, and probably Batman’s second biggest love interest.

Talia and Bats from the animated series.

We also know from previous interviews that this film will not only round out the trilogy but will also be the conclusion to the films, and will be Nolan’s last. So the real question is, not only how these villains will take this film to new places, but also help conclude the trilogy as a whole?

This leads me to believe that the leading lady will be Talia to tie back into the first film; she can be both the villain and Batman’s love interest; and Ra’s might even come back. As much as I love Selina, this just makes more sense as a complete trilogy; plus, the more the third movie is like Batman Begins and the less it’s like The Dark Knight, the more I’ll like it. And I’m convinced that Deadshot will be the second villain, not only for the reasons listed above: if we’re going to carry on the Ra’s theme, Deadshot could be in Ra’s’ League of Assassins! How freakin’ awesome would that be?!

Of course, there are lots of possibilities here, and hopefully Nolan will do what I want make the best decisions for the trilogy.

Who do you think Batman will face in the third and final Nolan movie?


2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I think they might find a new actor to play The Joker and a talented unknown to play Harley Quinn. I know that Anne Hathaway is set to play The Catwoman/Selina Kyle…
    I like the Catwoman way better than I like Talia Al Ghul on the principle that Selina is far better a woman than Talia and not as manipulative or two faced…

  2. It’s not confirmed who she’ll play, but now it’s been announced that Marion Cotillard is in the movie, it looks like Talia could appear, too.

    Also, I thought that was an official poster for a minute. There are some others here.

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