Bats vs Bullock and Clayface?

I will try remain calm while I write this post: apparently, Chris Nolan might destroy my dream of Deadshot and Talia al Ghul as the villains of the third Bats movie.

According to Comic Book Movie, IMdb has listed Tom Hardy to play Harvey Bullock, one of Gotham Police’s detectives, in the third Batman movie Dark Knight Rises.

CBM mentions that IMDb usually has these casting rumors right, but I’m sorry…what??!

Tom Hardy as the middle aged, disgruntled, overweight, donut-eating Detective Harvey Bullock. Yeah, for some reason I’m just not buying it. Granted, I think Bullock will make  a good addition to the next movie, as he’s always questioning Gordon’s trust of Batman, and I would take Tom Hardy’s face over…see image on right…but still. They’re going to have to totally redo the personality and image of Bullock in order to make it fit, and that doesn’t seem like Nolan’s style, if the first two movies are any indication.

CBM also reports that, according to io9, Nolan is casting for the part of “Julie Madison,” one of Bruce’s previous flames who also has ties to the villain Clayface. So there’s the possibility that the shapeshifting lump of evil rock will be the much-anticipated villain, not Deads or Talia.

While I like and trust io9 as a news site, I can’t justify this rumor quite yet: this is just too far-fetched for me. Clayface has gone through several incarnations, from a B movie actor to a treasure hunter who is given shapeshifting superpowers. But regardless, his character has no ties to the previous movies, so how can he add continuity to the trilogy? Clayface would look cool on the big screen (think Sandman from Spidey 3), but he isn’t the kind of villain whom you want to end a trilogy on. Clayface is like Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy: he’s a B-listed filler villain who smashes things, only so that Batman can easily outsmart him and lock him up. Clayface hardly has a villainous aura like Joker or Ra’s and I do not want to see him in the next film.

Also, who wants to see Julie Madison?! After Rachel Dawes, the quintessential damsel in distress, I can’t believe that Nolan would choose another leading female role who isn’t a superheroine or villainess. If Talia doesn’t float Nolan’s boat (and I have no idea why she wouldn’t), there’s still superladies like Catwoman, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy or even–dare I even say it?–Huntress.

What do you think about these rumors? Are they fact or fiction?


2 thoughts on “Bats vs Bullock and Clayface?

  1. Well, I think the rumors have been explained… bats will be up against catwoman and bane?
    You are SO right about Hardy looking like an awful candidate for bullock. and thank goodness for that. PLEASE NEW POST!!!! i like catwoman but I barely could sit through that crap movie 5-6 years back… please tell me you agree, and how much background can they really give bane, in a single movie? sounds kinda boring, much like mickey rourke in IronMan2.

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