Young Justice TV Spot

A new TV spot for the upcoming animated series Young Justice is here! I saw the spot during the new Star Wars: Clone Wars on Cartoon Network last week.

You’ve probably picked it up from the trailer–Young Justice is an adaptation of the adolescent heroes of the DC Universe, who form their own superhero team to make names for themselves, instead of living in the perpetual shadow of their Justice League counterparts. The members, Aqualad, Artemis, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Miss Martian, will face their share of bad guys as well as the usual teenage high-school drama and angst we all know and love.

While we don’t see much of the actual characters, I can at least say that the animation style looks fluid, clean and much more ‘grown up’ looking than the younger (but still very successful) Teen Titans show. It’ll be refreshing to see faces like Kid Flash and Superboy who have never gotten much of a spotlight in recent media, not to mention a revamped Aqualad–who looks exactly like Spyke from X-Men Evolution, by the way–and he’ll be the leader of the team, not Robin. I missed seeing Speedy and the superladies Miss Martian and Artemis in the spot, but I’m sure they’ll make grand entrances sooner in the series rather than later.

Also, get ready to geek out with some of the voice actors: Bruce Greenwood, who voiced Batman in Under the Red Hood, will reprise his role, Khary Payton (Cyborg in Teen Titans) will voice Aqualad, and Phil LaMarr (GL from Justice League) will be Aquaman. The jury’s still out on Jesse McCartney voicing Robin.

And I am almost positive that the spot’s narrator is Rene Auberjonois, adding a whole extra layer of awesome.

The pilot debuts on November 26 on Cartoon Network! I’m excited to see how it will stand out from Teen Titans.


3 thoughts on “Young Justice TV Spot

  1. I absolutely love the one hour special, and I hope that the rhythm of the series is as fast as this.
    The animation quality is also really good, I think I almost wanted to cry lol because they are finally catching up to Japanese animation quality

    • Yay! I finally watched the first episode so I can comment :) I hope that the series is this fast too, the direction is great! I loved the animation too, it seems like a great combination of anime and American styles, but not as silly as Teen Titans.

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