DC Showcase: Green Arrow

Ollie defending the princess.

The DC Showcase: Green Arrow short can be seen on the Blu-ray version of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. In this ten-minute short animated adventure, Ollie Queen (Green Arrow) must protect a young princess from Merlyn the Magnificent, also an archer, who has been hired to assassinate her.

Spending some extra dollars for the Blu-ray version (assuming you can watch it of course), if just for this short, is so worth it.

The Emerald Archer might be best known in recent days from his recurring appearances on Justice League Unlimited. Ollie has no superpowers, but he’s got trick arrows, cunning, and a talent for staying alive in unlikely situations. As such, this doesn’t really feel like the constant huge-explosions we see in Apocalypse: Green Arrow is more the beatcop doing the best he can to beat the bad guy and stay alive–and it’s pretty refreshing, even after seeing hours of Batman with his fancy endless supply of gadgets. Neal McDonough (Desperate Housewives) did a nice job providing the voice for Ollie and infusing him with that cynical sense of humor we know and love.

It was ten minutes of exciting, daring action, and the strange airport setting is used to the maximum, as GA fends off thugs from the tarmac to its conveyer-belt-bowels to baggage claim. Once again, a nice combination of high stakes in an unlikely place. Some of you might also be thinking that Ollie’s task to defend a princess is rather cliche; well, it is, but the girl is far from a screaming damsel in distress and she is quite additive to the story. We even see Black Canary towards the end, and Ollie/Dinah shippers will love the ending.

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I want a Green Arrow and Black Canary animated movie, but Green Arrow’s DC Showcase is a high-quality animated short that packs in ten minutes of everything we love about Green Arrow and more. While I would have preferred sixty minutes of the same thing, I can very happily live with this.


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