Official Thor Trailer is Here!

After listening to the latest episode of the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcast, I was thrilled to learn that the official trailer for Thor (in theaters next May) is finally out! See it below:

It looks SO awesome. Usually Thor is one of the least interesting members of the Avengers, to me at least, as he’s usually just the tall blonde guy with a hammer. But the trailer looks very cool, giving Thor a solid origin, and I’m excited to see it! Anthony Hopkins looks fabulous as Odin. I just hope that people realize that this version of Thor is according to the Marvel universe, and not actual Norse mythology.

But first, all hail the return of TRON in IMAX! I get goosebumps every time I see the trailer and the incredible special effects, especially when you compare it to the 80’s version–I’ve posted trailers for both below to give you an idea if you’ve never seen the original (skip to about 1:30). The de-aging effects on Jeff Bridges are stunning as well. I only hope the story lives up to the effects!


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