Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman! But Bane = :(

Well, the rumors are over–we now know that Anne Hathaway will be Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), and Tom Hardy will be Bane, in the next live-action Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises, set to release next summer. (Thanks for the link, Morgan! :) ).

First of all, I really like Anne Hathaway as an actor; she’s one of the few who can pull off both comedic and serious roles.Catwoman’s origins have been reimagined over the years but I’ve always liked her best as a thief, struggling to get by and never the hero; and with the dark edge to Nolan’s Batman movies I can see Selina’s character more like this. I’m sure that Hathaway can pull off the role convincingly and with integrity. (It’s pointless to compare her to Michelle Pfeiffer, at least until we’ve seen the movie.)

But still, Nolan, I must ask: why isn’t the love interest Talia al Ghul?? You’ve stated in so many interviews that the movies will be a complete trilogy, and the third will be conclusive; why not do so by bringing in Ra’s’ daughter? (see the full rant here). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for redeeming Catwoman, she sure needs it, and I still hope that she’ll someday have a standalone animated film. But Talia has never been seen in any live-action incarnation, show or movie, and giving the character a live-action debut, a tie-in to the first film, and an inevitable nod to the current comics (in which Talia and Bruce have a son, Damian, the the current Robin) would have been awesome.

I can totally see Anne Hathaway pulling off a Talia role, and I wish that were the case. The decision to bring in Catwoman (as much as I enjoy the character) feels recycled, old, done a million times.

And now we get to Bane. I vehemently disagree with Catwoman instead of Talia, but oh how I hate this decision.

Remember the last time we saw Bane on film?Poison Ivy and Bane in 'Batman and Robin' *shudder*

Also known as the worst trip down Batman memory lane, ever.

Just like I said about Clayface in my Batman-rumour entry, Bane is not a smart and sophisticated villain like Ra’s, nor is he an over-the-top maniac like the Joker. He’s a thug who delivers big punches and not much else; when he plugs into the venom, he becomes a mindless fighting machine. Even worse, Bane is almost always the hired mercenary to beat up Batman; he is best known as “The Man Who Broke the Bat,” having broke Batman’s spinal cord in one story. But what I hate about Bane most is that his weakness is overwhelmingly obvious: pull the plug to his venom and he’s out. It happens every time Batman faces him, and it’s always his downfall. Bane isn’t the one I would have chosen to finish the Batman trilogy with a bang. I wanted Deadshot, or the Riddler, or even Harley Quinn–someone with actual cunning.

Will I still watch it? Sure, I’m a fan, aren’t I? I adore Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman is perfect as the Comish, and Catwoman/Batman rooftop banter is sure to be amusing. But I’m not anticipating it like Captain America, Thor and the Avengers.

Which, considering the fact that I love DC more than Marvel, is really quite ironic.


4 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman! But Bane = :(

  1. Apologies on the not-very-prompt response to a post that i kinda asked for… I had a decent response but the internet here at school isn’t very reliable. So: YAY i got a shoutout! :D I’m not a huge fan of Anne Hathaway, mostly because i haven’t seen her all too much. What i have seen of her she’s done fine in, was very wonky in Burton’s Alice but quite grounded in Rachel Getting Married, so like you conclude, i’m sure she’ll do a great job, no matter how weird Nolan wants to make her. I am certainly a selina kyle/catwoman fan. The “Year One” imagining of her as a cat-burgler & semi-pimp & the moral ambiguity of the character attracts me. I am concerned though because Nolan has said some really dumb things about her, at one point he said he’d like to have Cher playing a more aged version of catwoman (WTF?).

    I will agree with the Talia point. She would be the ideal romantic partner for bats in this series. I like much of what Nolan has done to make this a very ‘realistic’ and not having to deal with ‘superpowers’ and ‘supernatural’ things that you need to see when you bring in the rest of the DC universe. One thing that must be mentioned as part of that is that he’s taken away much of the supernatural aspect of Ra’s. There is a lot of ambiguity with his past, and what powers he might/might not have, but nothing that’s tied down in this series that says he’s supernatural, only that he’s mysterious.

    One more thing to note, bale/nolan batman is DONE with this film. they’re done. Why does there need to be a serious romantic connection at all in this film at all? Would it be so hard to have a brooding, DARK dark knight like they were trying to tell us would have to be at the end of Dark Knight? i mean, just bring in some dream sequence with holmes/gyllenhaal if you REALLY need it. I don’t know if anybody other than a hardcore fan would really like a storyline that showed a sad and ultimately incorruptible Bats instead of the typical hollywood romantic drivel that we’re used to. I would love to see someone take the chance, make a movie that’s as deep about morals as the comics.

    Bane is bane. I’ve got nothing to add, he’s just… not worth the time. Inherently his weakness outweighs anything that his character could add.

    I would like to point that The RAT does follow the nolan style with the Riddler as the bad guy. It’s worth the 5 minutes. Also, I love LOVE love Harley, I could have written a novel just exploring her relationship with Mr. J. Unfortunately, no Ledger, no chance of having anybody trying to fill those shoes for a while.

    And if it comes to cunning, that is EXACTLY what made the last Nolan film needs. Joker counters Batman because his insanity makes him an opponent that nobody can predict or entirely overcome. The only way that Catwoman can live up to the expectation that Ledger and Neeson have set for villains is if she becomes an embodiment of feminine mystique… and is that actually a step forward for leading comic ladies in live action films?

  2. Bane is definitely NOT a mindless thug as you seem to suggest, although that’s exactly how he was portrayed in the abortion that was “Batman and Robin”. Ra’s al Ghul, whom you seem to respect as one of the intellectual giants of the DC universe, said that Bane “has a mind equal to the greatest he has known.” He speaks 6 different languages, has a photographic memory, and is one of the very few villains to deduce Batman’s real identity. If you’re using “Batman and Robin” as your basis for what Bane should be like, it’s no wonder you’re so averse to him being in the final Nolan film.

    • “Batman and Robin” was not my only basis for Bane; simply that that was his last portrayal in film. I’ve seen Bane in other movies, shows and a few comics, and nearly every time he’s portrayed as a ‘mindless thug,’ and I was under the impression that was the case for a majority of his incarnations…but I’d be glad to be proven wrong. What other comics do you recommend? The only time I’ve seen him otherwise is in Gail Simone’s Secret Six, and he’s actually one of my favorite villains there.

      Hopefully the version of him you describe is the one that Nolan chooses for the film–and with Tom Hardy as the actor I suspect that’s the case.

  3. I was going to suggest “The Man Who Broke the Bat”, but you seem like you might have issue with that due to your comments above. He’s also been featured regularly in “Secret Six”, I think he gets fleshed out fairly well there. I’m really thinking (hoping) that Nolan will give Bane the attention that he deserves.

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