More favourite superhero couples!

More superhero couples, in honor of Valentine’s Day next week! These are my new favourites since last yearIf you’re looking for some mushy goodness in the pages of a comic book, why not give some of these couples a try?

Huntress and Catman

Helena Bertinelli and Thomas Blake, two vigilantes caught in the gray area between hero and villain. See their first meeting in the pages of Birds of Prey (update, especially Birds of Prey #13!).

Batwoman and the Question

Kate Kane, soldier and behind the cape and cowl of Batwoman, has a passionate but complicated romance with Detective Renee Montoya, by night known as The Question. Check them out in the Detective Comics series featuring Batwoman.

Talia al Ghul and Batman

Back in the day, Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia was pretty much your female stereotype–caught between her love for Bruce and her father, she wasn’t necessarily a threatening villain. But she’s certainly come into her own as the devious, brilliant and of course sexy assassin whom Bruce just can’t resist–and one late night tryst resulted in everyone’s favorite annoying brat, Damian Wayne.

Storm and Black Panther

It was Africa’s own royal wedding–their goddess of the weather united with the King of Wakanda. Check out their own special wedding issue.

Karolina and Xavin

From the pages of Runaways, this lesser known couple represents the very first superhero couple with a transgender member, that is, Xavin, who is actually a Skrull, but her tendency to switch back and forth between male and female represents a new step forward in comics. Her relationship with Karolina is both pure and sweet and came to an almost tragic end–but hopefully someday they will both be reunited.

Barda and Scott

You know you love them. They met on Apocalypse under the tyranny of Granny Goodness and the rest is history. Check them out in Jack Kirby’s series about Apocalypse and Mr Miracle, or if you want something just as good but more recent, they’re in the Justice League Unlimited episode “The Ties that Bind”. 

Jean and Wolverine

Because seriously, Scott is just so tight-laced and boring. What woman wouldn’t secretly lust after Wolverine?

Catwoman and Batman


It seems sort of silly to have two couples on here with Batman but at least this way, between this year and last year, we got ’em both out of the way. Plus, there’s a playfulness between Selina and Bruce not to mention a very long history that doesn’t exist in his other relationships. This is from the pages of one of my favorite stories with the two of them by Darwyn Cooke. (I believe it’s called “A Knight to Remember”)

Batgirl and Nightwing

I ended last year with Batgirl and Robin, it seems only fair to continue the tradition with Babs and Dick, though this time he’s grown up considerably as Nightwing. They remain equally adorable after Babs gets paralyzed, and he even proposes to her:


Of course, DC has yet to do anything about this. :(

That’s all, folks! More superhero loving will be coming your way next year, but until then, have a great Valentine’s Day.


5 thoughts on “More favourite superhero couples!

  1. I am not a valentines fan but I love this. Just keep nightwing and babs at the top of that list, they are by far my fave hero couple of all time. Also nice picks on the artwork, batwoman and the question is awesome. I’d respond more completely but I’m standing in the only spot that I can get wifi in my building and i’m not in the mood to deal with the single digits temperature to get on my laptop right now. Have a great weekend and hit me.

    • Hi Leobel! Regrettably none of this art is mine (I wish though!)– it’s a combination of fanart, images from comics and covers, and in some cases screencaps from shows. Glad you like it! (:

  2. I agree that Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon make a great couple.

    A few Marvel couples I like, on the theory that, if Stan Lee thought two characters were meant for each other, then they ARE meant for each other, notwithstanding that later, inferior “creative talents” have come along to switch things up, include:

    Reed Richards-Susan Storm
    Scott Summers-Jean Grey
    Hank Pym-Janet Van Dyne
    Peter Parker-Gwen Stacy
    Matt Murdock-Karen Page
    Steve Rogers-Sharon Carter
    Johnny Storm-Crystal
    Dr. Strange-Clea
    Ben Grimm-Alicia Masters
    Bruce Banner-Betty Ross

    My least favorite couples:
    Scott Summers-Emma Frost
    Wolverine-Jean Grey
    Crystal-Quicksilver/Ronan/Black Knight/Fat Guy
    Johnny Storm-Alicia Masters

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