March is National Reading Month!

All Hail Batgirl is celebrating National Reading Month with a new header (art by Gene Ha), and comic book reviews all month too!

Get reading and share your favourite comic books! Mine are:

Batgirl: Year One The Sandman: The Dream Hunters Runaways vol. 1: Pride and Joy Batman: Ego and Other Tails Birds of Prey Vol. 9: Dead of Winter Astonishing X-Men Omnibus Batman: Mad Love and Other Sto... Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth Marvel 1602 The Sword Volume 1

Batgirl: Year One, Sandman, Runaways, Batman: Ego, Birds of Prey, Astonishing X-Men, Batman: Mad Love, Wonder Woman, Marvel 1602, and The Sword, just to name a few!


One thought on “March is National Reading Month!

  1. Beautiful artwork. Wish I had half that talent, and it looks great on the header. My faves are all kinda old school: Batman: Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, The Killing Joke. Loved the comic series that went along with B:TAS, i have a full set of them or darn close. And i must agree, “mad love” is a crown jewel to B:TAS and a personal fave.
    Wishing you and all of your fellow readers much reading!
    ( yay beautiful librarians… :D )

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