Huntress: Cry for Blood

Batman - Huntress 6 - Cry For Blood - Dead - Revenge - Avenged - Sexy Kill“After Huntress earns Batman’s approval, a mafia capo is discovered murdered by a crossbow, her weapon of choice. Now as Helena Bertinelli, aided by the Question, attempts to evade Batman and his allies, she must also prove her innocence and determine who is trying to frame her.”

Cry for Blood is a really solid book that delves into Helena’s origin story, and how her childhood and family shape her extreme vigilantism as Huntress. I really like how her personality and her story stand out to the point that she emerges as a different vigilante from her caped counterparts in Gotham…and that’s a pretty high bar.

If you’re a fan of the Huntress/Question couple from JLU, this book is for you as well. Question, convinced of Huntress’ innocence, helps her in her quest, and romance ensues. They make an adorable couple, though Rucka’s Question is certainly a more serious detective, and his obsession with conspiracy theories (and ensuing witty humor) is nowhere to be found.

Cry for Blood takes a more psychological route than other origin stories; in other words, we focus more on Helena’s past and childhood and how that affects her present life. In addition, there are long, dragging periods when Helena meditates and trains in the forest, and later, telling her backstory to Question. While interesting, the book didn’t deliver the same exciting adventure as a Birds of Prey title, for example. It may be appropriate for what Rucka set out to do, but some of those aforementioned moments really started to bore me.

For those of you who did not watch JLU, the ending will be much more satisfying than it was for me. For non-spoiler purposes, I’ll leave it at this: Helena finds her family’s killer, and makes a decision about her revenge. It’s similar to the episode “Double Date,” which also explores Helena’s past, but her decision at the end leaves her as a more redeemed heroine. Not so in the book; Helena remains more an extreme vigilante than the character I grew to admire in the show.

This book is a must for any Huntress or Birds of Prey fan, but drags in some areas. Its enjoyable, but probably not one youll want to read a second time


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