Batgirl: The “Greatest” Stories Ever Told

“Batgirl takes center stage in this collection, which includes her 1967 debut and various stories through the ’90s!”

Starting with her very first story, “The Million-Dollar Debut of Batgirl,” these stories show how Batgirl’s resourcefulness, courage and determination make her one of DC’s best. Even though she’s a stereotypical librarian by day, Princess Leia hairdo and all.

But, Batgirl’s “Greatest Stories” of all time?


These comics were before my time. I can’t compare the stories they chose against the larger whole, but the collection as a whole is rather disappointing. The stories are lackluster and forgettable; either Babs goes up against common criminals, or villains like a female Joker, Benedict Arnold, Killer Moth and…Satan? Really, DC? And most of the time Babs shares the spotlight with Batman and Robin, instead of highlighting those stories from her own title. I don’t understand why an issue from Batgirl: Year One was left out.

No Batgirl fan could look at these and be convinced that they’re the greatest Batgirl stories ever told. But then again, I haven’t read every Batgirl comic from this era, so is it fair for me to expect that there are better ones out there?

Here are some other reviews from Amazon and Goodreads:

It’s weird that this is the best of Batgirl, because none of the stories were particularly good.

Why didn’t DC include the great story of when Batgirl was shot by Cormorant and had to overccome her fear of him to save Batman? And what about when Batgirl single-handedly defeated Dr. Phosphorus while saving Batman’s life (yet again). Or when Batgirl’s friend was murdered by Zsasz and she tracked him and took him down while Batman watched silently from the shadows? Or how about any of the marvelous ’80s Batgirl stories by Barbara Randall? Nope. DC decided against those classics and instead chose some dumb stories, like when Batgirl fought Benedict Arnold and Satan.

DC took the easy/lazy way out with this collection. There’s no rhyme or reason to what was chosen, and these stories are by no means the greatest batgirl stories ever told.

Clearly, this is one for the bean-counters, NOT the fans! Spend your money elsewhere.

…Wow. The fans have spoken, folks. What a shame that DC shortchanges a heroine with not only a small but loyal fanbase, but also a hero who’s been shortchanged in the biggest way possible (you can thank Alan Moore for that). Because she’s never been freed from her wheelchair, Batgirl has a finite number of stories to choose from. And they have done multiple volumes for heroes in the “Greatest Stories” series, but I doubt Batgirl will get another shot; if anything, it’ll be an Oracle collection.

How disappointing that DC just churned this anthology out for a quick buck, instead of taking the time to create a collection that gives full credit to one of the greatest superheroines of all time. I’ll stick with Batgirl: Year One, thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Batgirl: The “Greatest” Stories Ever Told

  1. Not a bad review in general , lacked some insight ( what is to be expected when the stories are so wide apart)
    What I’ld like to know is at what point did E Moore take over. You see I had only seen Babs on Birds of Prey . after the accident, so I had no clue as to teh cause of her demise. Only some rumblings abouta bulet and allegations about the Joker putting his hand there {with whom she meets again on her own private headquarters, on that series}
    Let me know where I can dig this one out if U please!!! ;)

    • Hi Dan, thanks for your comment! Babs’ accident is, in fact, no accident at all–you can find it in “The Killing Joke,” a one-shot by Alan Moore in 1988 that quickly became canonical after its popularity–Babs’ paralyzation, among other revelations, were integrated into the main comics and other following Batman graphic novels. (Some fans might therefore call it an “accident” because TKJ was never intended to be part of the Bats continuity.)

      You should find TKJ in any comic or book store. I have some pretty strong feelings about, it but it doesn’t seem fair to give you any preconceptions, so I won’t say :)

      • Damn … This one should have been the only one I nbr got my hands too.. I only remember the perf Art from B bolland (a personal fav of mine) , and >gasps< that Joker runs amok with a camera in one hand. I can only recall also that it's a pretty short PB, wonder what the fuss is all about.
        another thing care to let me know how I can up-load a mug face here, like that
        Leia U got to show!? A Han Solo would be fan

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