Young Justice: Bereft

Young Justice - Bereft

In “Bereft,” the team wakes up in the middle of a desert, with their memories erased! While traversing the unforgiving landscape, the team must not only remember who they are, but also their mission and why their memories were wiped in the first place.

We haven’t yet seen an episode with the entire team–the last one focused on Aqualad, and before that Robin was missing. Instead of focusing on team dynamics, we are treated to a roundabout plot, almost exclusive emphasis on crushes, and an ambiguous mission. Young Justice needs to take a pause and give us some good, team-centric episodes before plunging forward with relationships within the group. I loved the team dynamics in Justice League; the characters still developed but the JL felt like a cohesive unit, where one hero’s absence was felt and missed. While that show is an incredibly high bar, Young Justice can get there, but it takes time (not to mention good writing) and this episode felt like a step in the wrong direction.

I am quickly warming up to Artemis’ spunk, and her banter with Flash is quite adorable. They would certainly make an interesting couple but I hope they hold off for a while for the same reason as above.

We’re also introduced to another two villains. The first is telepathic Psimon, who battles Megan at the end of the episode, and we catch a glimpse of Queen Bee too. (And what’s with the sentient rolling ball thing?) The superhero genre practically requires a wide range of crazy villains in your rogue gallery, but once again, this is too many new villains too fast. We can still be introduced to new baddies, but focusing on two or three recurring villains throughout the season will give more continuity and flesh out their characters and backstories. Even if Cadmus is working behind the scenes, this is already a lot of villains for us to keep track of.

This episode had an interesting premise, but goes in so many different directions that it feels disjointed and confusing. The show needs some continuity and stable team dynamics before it can start pushing the boundaries for both the characters and the audience.


2 thoughts on “Young Justice: Bereft

  1. I think this was actually the first episode that I liked, although I have missed the last four or five. Miss Martian is finally showing how formidable of an opponent she can be, and the animation is warming up to some nice quality stuff. As quite potentially the most powerful member of the team, I was horrified when they introduced her as a ditzy screwup, and though some of that is still present in this episode, it’s been turned down quite a lot.

    They really should get rid of that “hello, Megan!” though. It’s depressing that such a catch phrase would belong to one out of only two more important female characters in the show.

    • Hi! I completely agree with you about Megan…if anyone should have the annoying catchphrase it’s Kid Flash :P Thankfully they’re focusing on her powers as the most formidable on the team, as opposed to making cookies; it would be nice to see more of her personality develop aside from her crush on Superboy. <<

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