O Captain, my Captain!

Known by geeks everywhere as Firefly’s Captain Mal, Dr. Horrible’s Captain Hammer, and the leading title role in Castle, Nathan Fillion dons a Green Lantern shirt on the newest Entertainment Weekly cover.

Check out a snippet of the interview–he talks Firefly!–and the issue hits newsstands this week.

Speaking to EW.com in February about Science Channel’s plans to rerun the Joss Whedon space Western — and seriously, how many actors with a current show, ABC’s Castle, averaging 10.6 million viewers do interviews for reruns? — Fillion innocently mentioned that were he to win $300 million in the California lottery, he would buy the rights from Fox and don Capt. Mal Reynolds’ tight pants again. Within three weeks, a fan-created Web page had received $1 million in pledges toward the cause of resurrecting the show. “Would I want to do [Firefly] again? Yes. Do I want people sending in money? No,” Fillion said, admitting the thought made him nervous. “But it warms my heart that people are going, ‘Wouldn’t this be great?’”


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