Palicki’s first Wonder Woman photo


Here’s our first look at Adrianne Palicki donning the red, white and blue as Amazonian princess Wonder Woman, for the upcoming TV series.

Well, hopefully it’s still upcoming, after this image. What’s with all the shiny pleather? This doesn’t look like a superhero outfit; it’s a Halloween costume, cheap-looking and all, but wait, there’s more! Also comes with complete with the lamest lasso I have ever seen. Overdone makeup sold separately.

And how will she do any crimefighting whatsoever without falling out of her suit?? Palicki looks so uncomfortable in this shot and I can’t imagine her doing anything in it except standing there, looking uncomfortable.

Yeah, that’s Wonder Woman for you.

I’ll still watch the show–after all these posts I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t!–and maybe the suit will look better on-screen, but for now…*wince*

Here are some reactions from EW:

“Holy crap. Cheap Halloween costume-meets XXX parody costuming meets the tranny Kardashian. And those boobs are obviously, distractingly fake. Looks cheap all around. To think that this is comics’ premiere female hero. While Supes and Bats get big-budget films, reboots, and Oscar-winning franchises, the alleged third part of DC’s comic Trinity gets a crappy Ally McBeal Meets Smallville TV Pilot that already looks like a disaster…”

“In this outfit, will she be ending each episode with a trip to the local roller rink for some roller boogie action?”

“I LOVE IT! She’s gorgeous!”

“If they really plan on have the show be a “serious take” on the comic they really should have made the costume more contemporary and less, well, costume-y.”

“Doesn’t boob well, er, bode well for the show, does it?”

Awful costume, worse actress. C’mon NBC, you already have the perfect Diana Prince in your stable of actors: Sarah Lancaster from “Chuck”.

Word to that last one…Sarah Lancaster would have been perfect.

And howzabout you start up with those costume changes? Because you know you need to. Maybe something more like….

I needed a picture of the REAL Diana so my eyes would stop burning.

…Travel cape and Kane Milohai’s armband are optional. I’ll give you a clue: the less shiny pleather you use, the better a direction we’re going in.

What do you think about Wonder Woman’s new look?


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