Wonder Woman fans have spoken! Sort of.

Entertainment Weekly posted these new action pics of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman today, sporting a new outfit that doesn’t look like a horrendous Halloween pleather costume. Obviously the crew behind the show took fans’ passionate comments to heart, well some of them at least:



1. The biggest improvement are the darker pants, which look SO much better than that previous, awful shade of blue, and I really like the addition of stars down the sides. And did anyone else notice that her boots are now flats?

2. The top and boots still look pleather-y, but at least it looks less cheap with the darker pants. And speaking of cheapness, I’m not expecting real gold/silver in the costume, but it would be nice if it actually looked it, you know?

3. That lasso is still super wimpy. Fail.

4. Dare I ask, what in the world is wrong with straps?! That top is still super low-cut, and Wonder Woman isn’t falling out of her suit while running. I really expected them to change that.

4. WAIT. Wonder Woman is running??! She’s an Amazon, she can fly! …She can fly, right? Right? Maybe it’s because these photos are out of context, but if Wonder Woman can’t fly, whether due to poor writing or budget issues I don’t care…that’s just wrong.

I promise, I won’t kvetch every time I post about this show (though that is the running trend at the moment). I just have yet to be impressed, surprised and excited, and with the Wonder Woman film still in development hell, this may be all we fans get outside of the comics for a long time.

What do you think about the wardrobe change?


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