The Waiting Game

I don’t know about all of you, but I love TV. It might be an addiction. From TiVo to Hulu, I can watch my favorite shows any time, all the time.

Unless they get cancelled, of course. News has started to come in about the renewal–or cancellation–of our favorite television shows; and some networks are waiting until the last possible minute to let us know what we can expect next fall. Here are my favorite shows that are still on the bubble

Our geek-gone-spy Chuck has an unsure future. Digital Spy reports that even Zac Levi isn’t sure about Chuck’s future. The show came close to cancellation before–and the dedication of us fans will certainly give NBC pause. Here’s hoping!

update: Chuck has been renewed for one final, 13-episode fifth season. Yay!

I can’t imagine House getting cancelled, but apparently Fox is still in talks over it--and according to TV by the Numbers, it might even be on a different network by the fall.

update: House will return to Fox in the fall.

I LOVE Lie to Me‘s fabulous writing, acting, and fascinating premise, and it’s more than underappreciated. It’s still on the bubble, possibly battling Chuck for the spot *sob* that’s so painful!!

update: Lie to Me has been cancelled. I am shocked and saddened by this news, that FOX would cancel such a smart, witty show with excellent acting and a unique premise. Maybe another network will pick it up.

The first season David Kelly’s legal drama, Harry’s Law with the fantastic Kathy Bates, wrapped up its season on Monday, but its future is uncertain. While I like Boston Legal more, I’m hopeful to see more of Harry in another season.

update: Harry’s Law has been renewed for another season!

Luckily none of my favorite shows have been cancelled…yet–though I do feel bad that Will Arnett’s series, Running Wilde, got the boot. Which shows are you waiting to hear about? Any that you want to see renewed or cancelled?


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