Birds of Prey #11

Title: Which Reason Knows Not Of
Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Pere Pérez
Cover: Stanley Lau
Release Date: April 13, 2011

mild spoilers

Huntress and Catman shippers, this one is for you! When a burglary turns into a hostage situation, Huntress and Catman team up for a mission–but their relationship gets all tangled up in the process, changing it possibly for good.

When it comes to morality, and that fine line between hero and villain, Huntress and Catman both walk the razor’s edge; Huntress is the heroine who is willing to kill, and Catman’s the mercenary with a stronger conscience than most, though his son’s kidnapping is taking its toll. They’re an unpredictable couple but it’s easy to cheer for them, even though the likelihood that they’ll settle down is not a great one. Simone keeps the action at a lively pace, with excellent dialogue that not only moves the story forward but reveals their complicated, flirtatious yet dangerous relationship–and no, it’s not as sparkly as that gorgeous cover.Every time I review something of Simone’s I comment on the humor, but it’s so well done that it’s impossible to ignore. I love when Dinah brings Babs chili to help with her cold (Dinah: “Clean your sinuses out.” Babs: “Dinah, your chili cleans everything out.”) and Deadshot’s one-liner at the end, though I won’t reveal it in the interest of spoilers.

The ending is bitter, though (like I said, no sparkles), but I’ll continue to hold out for these two. He still has her cross, and maybe Helena needs to cool off. Even so, she remains with her convictions intact, which is more than I can say for Blake.

There were several things in this issue that didn’t quite work for me. While I liked Perez’s art for the most part, some of the shading looked unfinished, as if some faces were covered in plastic wrap. And would Babs really wear Bat-themed pajamas?! She doesn’t seem the self-endorsing type, and while it was a minor frame, that certainly irked me. While I have little gripes about the writing, I was surprised that while Catman was playing bad cop (like really bad cop) she used his real name. While the thug was still conscious. Seemed a bit sloppy for Helena, but I guess she was really panicking.

Call me out, but I’m too much of a shipper to give it a perfect score.


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