X-Men: First Class reaches new levels of awful

The new poster for the upcoming prequel, X-Men: First Class is here! Here’s what the cast looks like:

Seriously. A twelve year old has better Photoshop skills than this.

Photoshop is used all the time to retouch and enhance posters, ads and other professional images, but this is just sloppy and embarrassing. Everyone has been noticably cropped, cut-and-pasted, something to look wholly unnatural (and not just because they’re mutants). I am pretty sure that James McAvoy’s head in particular is on the wrong body.

And what are they all doing in these awkward standing and walking runway poses, exactly? “Witnessing the moment that will change our world?” Yep, this tells me a lot about the movie and why I should see it.

Here’s the full image:

Hopefully the lackluster effort doesn’t correlate with the rest of the movie…but I doubt it. I’ll bet you twenty bucks right now: Stan Lee’s cameo is the best part of the film.

*ahem* Before I get depressed, what do you think of the poster?


One thought on “X-Men: First Class reaches new levels of awful

  1. wow. you’re kinda right, that’s pretty bad. even the “walking” posing is bad, they all look like they are doing runway struts and have to cross their legs each step to make da booty stick out. ewwwww, gross. Have a good passover!

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