Marvel shows are now streaming on Netflix

According to iFanboy, Marvel has announced that a slew of their television shows and motion comics will now be streaming on Netflix! Which only adds to the benefits for those of you forking over a monthly fee to watch shows and movies instantly on your laptops, iDevices and TiVos, myself included.

Some of the motion comics that are currently streaming include the Black Panther Animated Series, Astonishing X-Men: Gifted, Spider-Woman: Agent of SWORD, and Iron Man: Extremis; TV shows include Silver Surfer, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and Fantastic Four.

Marvel makes an interesting decision here, mostly adding motion comics and minor TV shows to Netflix streaming first while the older/popular shows, which are available on disc right now, will be released over the summer. Casual and hardcore fans alike will still enjoy the variety and motion comics’ short episodes, not to mention giving their motion comics some more attention. I’m personally excited to see the Fantastic Four show, which I heard was rather underrated, and I’ve never even heard of a Silver Surfer show!

And yet, the summer promises even more Marvel goodness–I can’t wait to rewatch the good ol’ 90’s X-Men show, X-Men Evolution (which everyone laughs at but I love it anyway), and Amazing Spider-Man, not to mention catch up with the newer, underrated and sadly cancelled Wolverine and the X-Men.

(And if you’d prefer a DC fix, quite a few of the DC animated films such as Crisis on Two Earths and Under the Red Hood are streaming too! Maybe DC will jump on the bandwagon and upload the DCAU shows…here’s hoping!)

Thanks to DCWKA for the original heads-up :)


3 thoughts on “Marvel shows are now streaming on Netflix

  1. Okay, checked out the first one. Initial thoughts:

    1. Crappy modern dialog in “5th Century AD.” That rarely works for me.
    2. AWESOME voice cast. Jill Scott as Storm!?! Stoked.
    3. Looks like it’s JR, JR.’s art. Which works for me. He’s not the most detailed artist, but the action in his art moves me.
    4. And Stan the Man as a blowhard general! I think I’m gonna like this.
    5. It looks kind of like a combo of animation and motion-comics. Not sure what I think about the hybrid.



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