Why Everyone Should Stop Going Bananas over Action Comics #900

Superman renounced his US citizenship in the landmark Action Comics #900 last week, and everyone has an opinion about it. The media took the story and ran with it like no tomorrow, and even bystanders and politicians (including Mike Huckabee) are expressing their angst over the Man of Tomorrow’s “abandonment” of his nation. I haven’t read the story yet–the issue is sold out, and hopefully I’ll pick it up today if the second printing arrives in time. But what I can tell you is that the media is taking the whole thing out of context.

First of all, Superman is renouncing his US citizenship, but Clark Kent isn’t. Once the cape is off, Clark will still call Smallville his hometown and go to work for the Daily Planet. So the idea that Superman is abandoning his nation is ridiculous; he is still an American citizen in his private life, but publicly, he works on a global scale.

And even though Kent remains an American citizen, Superman is, and always has been, a hero of the world. Superman doesn’t prioritize his homeland over any other nation; he defends all humanity, and it would be wrong for him to be associated with American politics–both within comics, and as a vehicle for real-life politics as well.

But don’t just take it from me, other fans agree with me too (thanks to Associated Press):

But the best one-liner comes from Gail Simone: “Not to be outdone, Marvel is doing a story where Iron Man eats the constitution.”

So let’s put all of this behind us and celebrate Superman’s 73th birthday! That guy doesn’t look a day over 30…must be another Kryptonian power of his.


One thought on “Why Everyone Should Stop Going Bananas over Action Comics #900

  1. Thanks! you’re so reasonable and normal… plus it’s always nice to see Supes doing something for his conscience instead of just being the “boy-scout”… DKR anybody? (not the movie…)

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