May the Fourth be with you!

As nerds around the world dress in Star Wars costumes and proclaim that phrase “May the fourth be with you” over and over again (it got old a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…but we say it anyway), I wanted to take the opportunity to pay tribute to Princess Leia, kickass princess and my childhood hero.

When I saw Star Wars for the first time at around seven, I had a pretty firm idea about what a princess was: a girly damsel in distress who wore poofy dresses and had perfect hair. I also knew that I didn’t want to be one. Until I saw Princess Leia.

Leia immediately becomes the leader of her own rescue party, carries a gun and shoots stormtroopers, slings insults with the best of them, and oh yeah, helps destroy the Death Star. No one scares her, not even Vader, and continues to hold her own even when her home planet is destroyed before her eyes–something that would have any Disney princess bawling and begging for mercy. Everyone seems to associate her with that skimpy slave bikini in Return of the Jedi, but not me–Leia showed me at that young age that you can be strong, fiercely independent, and a leader, and still a princess, even in an outfit that looks like a bedsheet with a belt and boots, not to mention a hairdo that resembles Cinnabons.

Hey wait, those Cinnabons remind me of someone…howzabout vintage Babs Gordon?


May the fourth be with you, and here’s to Leia!

The beautiful featured image above is by Jackie, who thankfully chose her original outfit and not that bikini.


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