Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday!!

You have probably heard by now, but this Saturday across the nation is Free Comic Book Day. It’s just how it sounds: go to a comic book store and get a FREE comic book. This is an annual, national event every first Saturday in May, and it’s only two days away!

That’s right, free stuff.

Why is Free Comic Book Day important?

I’m so glad you asked :) While many might think that FCBD is simply to get more customers into comic shops, it’s important for a far better reason.

How many kids do you know who are avid readers? Hopefully some, but probably not too many. FCBD encourages kids to get into a comic shop and read, read, read! And it doesn’t matter if the book is about Young Justice, Spider-Man or Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s still words on a page, and FCBD helps kids get excited about reading. And not just kids; people of all ages are interested in superheroes, and maybe the lure of a free comic book will pique their interests as well and encourage them to read more.

FCDB is also a great opportunity to branch out and try new books; this year there are special previews for upcoming series, like Words of Aspen and Elric. In many cases, these stories aren’t printed at any other time, and can actually become quite valuable.

Moreover, when you find the store nearest you (link below), also take a look at the creators and artists who may be there!  You can get sketches and signings, as well as other cool stuff if there are special booths and specials going on. So, what are you waiting for? Visit FCDB’s official site, check out the comics and find a store near you!

Ah yes, the comics, that’s probably what you’re most interested in, right? Well, there’s a great amount of variety this year, from traditional superheroes (Spidey, Thor, Cap and Green Lantern,) to endorsements for TV shows and movies (Young Justice, Clone Wars, did I mention Thor and Green Lantern?), to even throwbacks to 90’s fandom, like Sonic the Hedgehog and The Tick. See NPR’s FCDB checklist for a great list of the comics, grouped by interest.

If you’re wondering, here are the titles that I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on. I’m most excited about branching out and trying new titles than the regular superhero fare:

SUPER DINOSAUR.  I was super disappointed that I couldn’t get the first issue in time before it sold out, so I can’t wait to get the special origin issue on FCBD! Super Dinosaur. Seriously. A DINOSAUR with a jetpack and robotic arms WHO FIGHTS CRIME. How many more layers of awesome do you want??

Jake The Dreaming: This one technically isn’t a comic book; instead, it’s more of a mini-novel, with art accompanying it. Imaginative Jake discovers the power to visit others’ dreams, and when the children in his town start going to sleep–permanently–he must use his powers to save them before everyone falls asleep. Great premise and Bernardin’s art looks fabulous.

Locke & Key: This series is on its way to becoming a Fox television series, but the free comic looks great.The Locke children live in the “Keyhouse mansion,” which is full of doors leading to different destinations. They must fight a malevolent spirit, Dodge, who has returned to open the back door. Creepy and awesome.

Captain America/Thor: I know, it’s a mashup of Marvel’s summer movies, but they threw in Camelot so I can’t resist! Loki tricks Thor and Cap, sending them both into the King Arthur era, and apparently, craziness ensues. Chris Samnee’s art looks great and the preview is promising…if only this was DC, there might have been an Etrigan cameo. (Yes, my excuse to bring up Etrigan. Please continue.)

The Misadventures of Adam West: Mwahaha.  I’ll probably just snark at it from behind the counter…but seriously, it’s Adam West. Can you go wrong? (Answer: Yes.)

If I’m forced to choose one I think my brain will explode. *ahem* So what are you most looking forward to picking up on Saturday?


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