Uncanny X-Men #536

Title: Breaking Point, part two
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Terry Dodson
Cover by the Dodsons
Release date: April 27

Feeling responsible for Breakworld’s crisis, Cyclops and the X-Men welcome the refugees to Utopia.

The first issue of this arc was explosive and highly entertaining, but the plot slows down in this installment, as the X-Men take a backseat in favor of the Breakworld’s refugees. We learn of their strife as well as the political struggles when it comes to Kruun, their leader. The focus in the refugees was probably needed for the story as a whole, but as a single issue, it was all rather slow going. Kitty is definitely not the focus of the story, like I had expected and hoped (at least, not right now).

I completely agree with ACB when it comes to my biggest frustration about this issue: how immediately trusting the X-Men are towards Kruun, who tried to destroy Earth not so long ago. Cyclops is sympathetic and feels responsible, making him a compassionate leader; but does he really have no suspicions? Even the ex-villains, Emma and Magneto, are too easily duped, and they should know better– I never expected Mags to be so gullible at the end. While the next issue might prove otherwise, it’s out of character that Cyclops has been blinded by his conscience, and no one is questioning Kruun’s true motives.

Otherwise, the Dodsons’s art continues to impress, and how can you not love the Wrath of Khan nod that “revenge is a dish best served cold”? Even so, I’ve become more hesitant about this arc, particularly when it comes to Magneto’s apparent demise.


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