FF #2

Title: Doom Nation
Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Steve Epting
Cover: Daniel Acuña
Release Date: April 27, 2011

In FF #2, the rest of the team is shocked and upset that Reed–well, technically Reed and his daughter, Valeria–have struck a deal with Dr. Doom. Doom will join the FF, but first they need to “reupload” Doom’s brain to return him to his normal state. The hard drive: Doom’s son. Meanwhile, Ben and Sue hit the local bar, both upset about Doom and the state of the world.

After a promising introduction to the series in #1, this book was all kinds of slow. The most exciting part was Ben about to go clobberin’ time on Doom; afterwards, the book pretty much consists of dialogue, a flashback, more dialogue, and then a hint of action before a cliffhanger. Don’t get me wrong: Hickman’s dialogue is great and very accessible for a more casual F4 fan such as myself, but sometimes it felt too drawn out. There were two full pages of “conversation” between Reed, Valeria and Doom–if that counted as conversation. I hate to call it filler, but the scene’s amusement wasn’t enough for eight panels, and it could have easily been done in four.

Several scenes did make up for the slowness of the issue, though. Pete’s badly-timed humor was hilarious and that perfect moment of levity we all needed (except for Reed). And the silent panels at the end, when Doom is about to be re-uploaded and Reed must face a difficult choice, was beautifully done.

This certainly felt like a bridge issue, but it kept me interested and invested for the next, especially with that surprise betrayal (or is it?) at the end.


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