John Stewart will cameo in “Green Lantern” film

If my time has a Kryptonite, it’s I waste an inane amount of time on there. But while perusing, I was overjoyed to find this casting in the upcoming Green Lantern film, in theaters June 17:

John Stewart will be making an appearance!! Nick Jones Jr. hasn’t had any leading roles yet but looks great for the part.

And no, you shouldn’t be thinking of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart:

This John Stewart:

While he can be found in GL comics dating back to the 70’s, you’ll probably recognize John Stewart best from the acclaimed TV series Justice League Unlimited. John Stewart is a former United States Marine and the second human Green Lantern (after Hal Jordan) to take up the ring. Stewart (voiced by Phil LaMarr yay) was probably the most militant of the team, thanks to his Marine background; he even becomes a “drill sergeant”  to teach his fellow Justice League members a thing or two about teamwork. John became very close  and eventually had a romantic relationship with fellow team member Hawkgirl (one of the best superhero couples ever, in my opinion anyway), and later with Vixen.

We don’t know yet if this will only be a quick cameo or something more, but you can bet I’m excited to see him. John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern, and one of my favorite superheroes overall, and I am thrilled that his appearance maybe, possibly, could mean his own film someday.



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