NBC drops Wonder Woman series


This just in: NBC has dumped the Wonder Woman series after a lukewarm response to the pilot, Newsarama reports.

EW says there’s no official reason why the show was passed over but that “scuttlebutt reveals the pilot earned mixed reviews at test screenings. And then there was all the online blow back about the costume – which seemed to de-emphasize the patriotism and play up the comic’s Greek mythology. Ultimately, the wardrobe department went back to the drawing board but that didn’t seem to save the project.”

In lieu of the superhero adaptation, NBC has picked up The Playboy Club, Awake, Grimm, Whitney, Up All Night, Smash and Prime Suspect.

I’m unsure how to feel about the news. A failed or parodic Wonder Woman show would have been painful to see the least, and it looked that way according to reviews of early scripts. But regardless, it’s sad that Wondy just can’t make it on the big or small screen, especially when another superhero/god is making it big at the box office, and films continue to roll out for Batman, Superman, Wolverine, and even small fry like Green Hornet. And I hate to say it but because this Wonder Woman show failed, DC will probably think twice before starting up any other leading-lady superhero shows and films, which sucks.

Perhaps another network will pick up the show, but it’s unlikely.

But seriously. Dropping Wonder Woman in favor of “The Playboy Club”?? Now that is just sad.

Update: More superhero TV news–Fox has cancelled Human Target after only two seasons, and ABC has cancelled No Ordinary Family. Since Fox has also passed on Locke & Key and NBC dropped Wonder Woman, there will be no more live-action superhero shows on the air. Even sadder :(


2 thoughts on “NBC drops Wonder Woman series

    • Me too. Wonder Woman deserves it. If it doesn’t pan out though, I hope that executives understand that the execution was responsible for the failure of the show, not the character herself.

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