Phoenix Comicon 2011, I miss you already!

That. Was. Amazing.

I had an incredible time during my first Comicon! Granted, I’m sore all over, probably caught a cold from one of the thousands of people there (we exceeded capacity on Saturday), and remember all those panels I wanted to see? Yeah, I only got to three.

But it was no less than fabulous. The exhibition hall was huge and it was overwhelming to just walk around the booths, artist tables, the Star Wars neighborhood, oh and see all those famous people over at the photo ops. The three panels I went to were awesome, I bought a bunch of great stuff and met so many awesome professionals and fellow fans.

cool (and relatively famous) people I met–I talked all things Secret Six with artist Jim Calafiore; spoke with Paul Cornell and told him it was all his fault that I’m a new Doctor Who fan, and he gave me suggestions on which episodes to watch; asked artist Aaron Lopresti on his opinion about the cancellation of Wonder Woman’s television show (a relief); oh, and I got to shake the hand and speak with some guy named Stan Lee. (No words to describe that moment.) They were all really nice people and so excited to talk about their work.

I also ran into artist Ryan Benjamin, and talked about the awesomeness of Batman Beyond (he’s the artist for the title). He had these incredible prints and I couldn’t resist buying one (see more of his art as well as the full image here.)

more cool stuff: I found great Batgirl stuff, including a magnet; swiped one of the last Doctor Who shirts from HijiNKS ENSUE (mwahaha); found backissues I’ve been searching for, including Uncanny X-Men 199, Fantastic Four 485 and Barbara Gordon’s last Batgirl story, by Barbara Randall Kesel. There were some fantastic artists there from all over and I love the Batgirl art print I bought from Dane Ault (see it here). I also picked up some gifts for people but…I can’t reveal those. ;)

the panels–On Friday, more Secret Six talk and a jam artist session with artists Jim Calafiore and Mike McKone (there were only three people there, further proving that Secret Six is DC’s best kept secret). On Saturday I went to Leonard Nimoy’s panel, which was no less than awe-inspiring. I loved hearing how he influenced the development of Spock, and it was quite a funny moment when his wife called in the middle of his speech. Here’s a pic below (sorry you can’t see him too well).

And then I sat in on Stan Lee and Jaime Paglia’s panel, where we learned such gems as: Stan hates teenage sidekicks; his favorite cameos were Spider-Man and Thor; the Governator cartoon with Arnie is NOT happening; and he doesn’t watch Chuck. I just about died of laughter when Stan explained how Thor’s means of flight are more scientific than Superman’s (see a different video explaining the same thing here).

There’s a bunch more stuff but I’m honestly too tired to post it! I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day.


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