A Wonder Woman animated series–could it happen?

I hope you all caught Wonder Woman’s three minutes of fame in Batman: The Brave and the Bold! If not, I found it on the almighty YouTube:

From the classic song to Wonder Woman kicking butt with her silver bracelets and holding Steve in her arms atop the invisible jet…it was awesome. Vicki Lewis did a great job voicing Diana too–she voiced Persephone in WW’s animated film. It was campy to be sure, B&TB excels in that, but still, it was classic Wonder Woman and the first time we’ve seen her on any screen in quite a while.

Speaking of which, it’s more than a little ironic that this comes less than two weeks after NBC dropped Wondy’s live-action series and apparently hasn’t thought much about it since.

I wonder–could Wonder Woman have her own animated series in the near future? Her animated film was received well, and she was a central character in the Justice League show, with some fantastic WW-centered episodes. A potential animated series could begin with a younger Diana in Themyscira (perhaps catering to a younger demographic), or pick up where the film left off. Goodness (or is that Goddess?) knows Wonder Woman has the depth of character and the fanbase to carry her own show, animated or otherwise, for multiple seasons.

Wonder Woman was a major character in the Justice League show; episodes that centered around her include "Paradise Lost," "To Another Shore," and "The Balance."

Even so, while many animated shows are brilliant, they admittedly don’t create the same amount of acclaim, attention and exposure as live-action shows and films (Justice League is probably a rare exception). Cartoons still carry the stigma of being “just for kids,” and they often aren’t created for and marketed to a wider demographic.

And I have to mention that Wonder Woman is one of the “Big Three” in DC, along with Superman and Batman, yet she’s constantly getting the short end of the stick. Currently, Supes and Bats have multiple live-action films, animated films, and television shows (though Smallville just wrapped up); and Wondy? One animated film and failed attempts at her own show and movie. Even in comics, Bats and Supes have multiple titles but Wonder Woman only has one.

Wonder Woman's animated film ranked second of IGN's Best DC Animated Films.

Wonder Woman has the potential to have a fabulous animated show, but as long as DC doesn’t settle for it–hopefully it could be a stepping stone for something more–and at the moment, it would certainly be better than nothing. DC will have their own programming block, “DC Nation,” on Cartoon Network soon, so now is likely the best time to get it rolling.

Would you rather see Wonder Woman as a cartoon, or is live-action the only way to go?


One thought on “A Wonder Woman animated series–could it happen?

  1. An animated feature would be a good starting point, I agree…but I’m dying to see her in a live action feature. Even on the small screen would be better than nothing!

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