Two Cents: Batgirl #2

Two Cents’ is something new I’m doing at AHB:  focusing on a (relatively) new Batgirl issue and giving you my one-sentence review, as well as my ‘two cents’ about one specific thing I found interesting.

one-sentence review: While it’s still hard to leave Steph behind,  Simone masterfully juggles Batgirl’s confrontations with Mirror as well as Barbara’s personal life, as always with a lively pace and good heaping of witty banter.

But I want to focus on Barbara’s hot date, who is not, as you might suspect, Dick Grayson:

Meet George, Babs’ physical therapist and recipient of Squarest Chin Award.

First of all, this creates a great twist in the story, particularly for us Babs/Dick shippers. They’ve apparently moved on, for reasons unknown, and we get a glimpse of Babs’ personal life outside the Batsuit, not to mention her rehabilitation process.

But from an artistic standpoint, so so many men in a Bat-title looks like this– with few exceptions nearly all are Caucasian with dark hair, from Batman himself to every single Robin to even villains like Ra’s al Ghul, Penguin and Hush. Regardless of whether Babs has a “type” it’s wildly unoriginal particularly since we get little to none of George’s personality, and I would have liked to see at least something different.

I would also like to point out that this makes George at the top of the Suspect List for who the Mirror is, as he’s the only one we know who can most easily figure out that Barbara is Batgirl from therapy.  (Notice in the above picture, he says that he knows all of her secrets? Coincidence?) Nevertheless, whether he’s a killing psycho as well remains to be seen.


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